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Iceni Magazine | May 17, 2019

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Iceni Magazine Norfolk is a FREE monthly digital Norfolk Lifestyle Magazine, covering the Norfolk Area.

Iceni Magazine is a content-heavy magazine, providing good quality Norfolk relevant stories, news and events. This website specialises in circulating Norfolk news, events and stories in real time, publishing regional content daily.

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Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Learn Mandarin

May 17, 2019 |

Today, it appears that Mandarin is very much the go-to second-language for people in the Western world.

Despite it not being spoken as an official mother tongue outside of Asia, there are still vast amounts of people speaking … Read More

How to train your dog to stop barking all the time?

May 16, 2019 |

Just like children babble, crows caw and birds twitter, dogs bark.

It is a communication signal for them. The bark can be useful for humans as well. Household dogs can sense an intruder from a distance, and their … Read More

Kneipp | The Number One Holistic Bath And Body Care Brand

May 15, 2019 |

Founded in 1891 by Sebastian Kneipp, Kneipp offers an extensive range of natural body, bath and skin products that will not only invigorate and brighten your skin, but will also lift your mood too.

These include bath salts, … Read More

Raising your game: how to be the best candidate

May 13, 2019 |

Whether you are simply looking for a job to help with the bills or you are still fighting to achieve the job you dreamed of as a child, it’s important to present yourself as the best person for the role … Read More

Millions of Brits could be suffering eye problems due to a lack of BLINKING

May 13, 2019 |

Millions of Brits could be suffering eye problems due to a lack of BLINKING because we spend the equivalent of 84 days per year looking at screens, it has emerged.

Research has revealed we naturally blink between one … Read More

Two in five Brits ‘dread’ staying away from home because they know they won’t get a good night’s sleep

May 12, 2019 |

It’s official – you never get a good night’s sleep in a bed which isn’t your own.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found millions of Brits have stayed away from home overnight – and woken up … Read More

This is why Brits only perform at their ‘very best’ for one third of every day

May 12, 2019 |

The average Brit only feels they perform at their ‘very best’ for one third of every day, it has emerged.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found millions of us struggle to fire on all cylinders throughout the entirety … Read More

Come and join us for the hospital open day and fete

May 11, 2019 |

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will be holding an Open Day and Fete, from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 8 June 2019.

Visitors will be able to take part in hands on activities, browse the fete stalls … Read More

Homes under the Hacker – Millions Risk Personal Data Being Stolen

May 10, 2019 |

New research has highlighted the ways in which criminals target people’s personal details. Some 17 per cent of people polled don’t believe fraudsters can hack into Wi-Fi routers in order to spy and steal information.

Nearly half (47%) … Read More

Castle Mall welcomes its first Made in Norwich business

May 8, 2019 |

Last month Castle Mall shopping centre in Norwich launched its new initiative Made In Norwich which offers small businesses in the city a platform to showcase their products totally free!

The first lucky business to have the use … Read More

Local Accountancy Firm Aston Shaw Raises more than £5,700 for Big C Cancer Charity

May 8, 2019 |

Staff at local accountancy firm Aston Shaw have raised a grand total of £5,796.68 for Norfolk’s cancer charity, Big C.

Dominic Shaw, Director of Aston Shaw was delighted to present Dr Chris Bushby, Chief Executive of Big C … Read More

5 Famous Writers With Norfolk Connections

May 6, 2019 |

Norfolk is a rural county with a storied history, one that includes some of the finest writers from past and present.

From the English language’s first female writer, to a children’s author adored by Norwich, here are five … Read More

5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Car

May 6, 2019 |

When shopping for a new car there are quite a few things to consider before making your decision.

It’s such a big question acquiring a new vehicle and there are so many different ways you could go about … Read More

Three Must-See Films Set in Casinos

May 3, 2019 |

The glamourous and exhilarating environment of casinos makes for a fantastic back drop to any film and creates an inevitably exciting plot.

Film directors have often made the most of this and here, we run through the top … Read More

Barnham Broom Celebrates Norwich Promotion with Themed Afternoon Tea

May 1, 2019 |

Barnham Broom’s Executive Head Chef, James Conway, has been an avid supporter of Norwich City Football Club over the years and was, like so many, over the moon when Norwich was promoted to the Premier League on Saturday (27th April) … Read More

Fine food at Fantastic prices in a Fabulous location

May 1, 2019 |

The first ever Broads Restaurant Week 1 – 9th June 2019

The number of great restaurants in the Broads National Park is ever-increasing, so what better way to sample a new restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try … Read More

Getting Healthy In The Summer

May 1, 2019 |

Summer is a great time to think about getting healthy. The weather is getting warmer, so it is much easier to get outside and get some exercise! In this article I want to look at great ways to get healthy … Read More

How to Set Up a Successful Education Startup Based on Temporary Building

April 29, 2019 |

Setting up a business is one thing, and putting up one that succeeds and rakes in huge profits is another.

Establishing a startup in the education sector is one of the best ways to grow a profitable business, … Read More

Why You Need Prince2 Certification

April 29, 2019 |

There are so many things that you will learn when you start working. One of the things that you will realize is that companies are always searching for employees who can be considered as good assets to the company.

Three quarters of photos taken on mobile phones are never looked at again

April 26, 2019 |

Three quarters of photos taken on mobile phones are never looked at again, it has emerged.

Forgotten selfies, hot dog legs and ‘alternative angles’ are among those most likely to be discarded, according to the study by Plusnet … Read More

3 Norwich stars named in EFL Championship team of the year

April 25, 2019 |

It’s been a memorable campaign so far as the Canaries are on the verge of promotion back to the promise land of the Premier League and there’s been further good news for the Norfolk club with three of the team’s … Read More

Norfolk. Your Gateway to a Memorable Holiday

April 24, 2019 |

Norfolk has represented one of the most renowned holiday destinations for countless individuals across the United Kingdom.

Thanks to a rather amenable climate and a host of natural attractions, there is no doubt that visitors here will enjoy … Read More

Why Leasing Everything Is The New Trend

April 23, 2019 |

It’s a relatively new trend that we lease and rent a lot more of our ‘possessions’ than in the past and this has become more and more the case with the rise of the internet, it is so much easier … Read More

How to Set Up Your Kitchen on a Budget

April 23, 2019 |

Making sure your house is set up and up to code can end up costing you a lot of money.

We all want our homes to look TV-worthy, but sadly, not all of us have the funds. The … Read More

‘Picture perfect’ parenting portrayals leaving six in 10 feeling they are ‘failing’ during baby’s first year

April 18, 2019 |

Six in 10 parents felt as if they were ‘failing’ during baby’s first year, according to a study.

Adapting to sleepless nights, battling tiredness and struggling with feeds lead to many new parents worrying they ‘aren’t good enough’.

Read More

Castle Mall is sharing its space

April 17, 2019 |

Castle Mall shopping centre is on a mission to support local businesses in Norwich and has converted an empty space in the centre especially for this purpose. 

The centre team have transformed an area of the shopping centre … Read More

These are the most confusing slang words Brits use for money – and where the terms come from

April 17, 2019 |

‘Bacon, ‘cheddar’ and ‘bread’ are some of the weird and wacky ways Brits refer to money, it has emerged.

Phrases such as ‘dosh’, ‘notes’ ‘bob’ and ‘dough’ are also more common place now as is ‘spondulix’, ‘reddies’ and … Read More

Quiz: How well do you know your body?

April 17, 2019 |

‘The knee bone’s connected to thigh bone …’, as the famous old song goes … but Brits are actually clueless about the make up of our limbs, it has emerged.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found … Read More

Popular East Anglia event celebrating rural life returns to North Norfolk this July

April 12, 2019 |

Early bird tickets are now on sale for the much-loved biennial Holkham Country Fair, which is returning to Holkham Hall on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July 2019 to celebrate land, sea and sky.

Set in the surroundings … Read More

Researchers have found the ‘true cost’ of moving property

April 12, 2019 |

Home buyers can expect to spend almost £4,000 on top of the cost of their new property – for legal fees, surveying costs and other removal bills, it has emerged.

Researchers found that while the price of the … Read More

These are the house rules Brits expect guests to still follow

April 11, 2019 |

Not taking your shoes off on entry, asking for the WIFI password and using your mobile phone at the dinner table are the house rules guests break most regularly, it has emerged.

Research also revealed polite guests should … Read More

Q&A With… Fezza and Del

April 11, 2019 |

We were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to talk to Fay Holt, one half of “Fezza and Del” and also wife of ex-Norwich City footballer, Grant Holt.

Here, Fay talks about the business she runs with … Read More

Barnham Broom Brasserie Reviewed

April 11, 2019 |

Parallel rows of lit trees created a welcoming, grand entrance: an encouraging sign that our night would be a special one.

Led to our table by the very efficient manager and attended to by other members of their … Read More

What Are You Tweeting?

April 11, 2019 |

It’s sometimes difficult to know what to tweet. All too often, businesses are focused on what they find interesting or want to promote – but this may not be what your followers/customer find interesting.

Try to put yourself … Read More

5 Good Eating Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

April 11, 2019 |

We often compromise our health in order to sustain in our work life.

While many people believe that regular exercising and fitness sessions can keep health issues at bay, but it may not be just enough. The importance … Read More

Tim Tests a Trio of Fords

April 8, 2019 |

By motoring editor, Tim Barnes-Clay. Follow Tim on Instagram @tbarnesclay Fiesta ST

Ford’s fresh Fiesta ST is a fearless hot hatch with a 200ps slab of power under the bonnet. It also wears a self-assured body kit … Read More

Video shows some of the weird places the nation’s kids have fallen asleep

April 4, 2019 |

Curled up in dog baskets, face-down in their dinner and hidden inside cupboards are among the weird places the nation’s pre-schoolers have fallen asleep, a study found.

Research revealed younger kids are unlikely to pass up the opportunity … Read More

Researchers identify the memories we remember most vividly from our childhoods

April 4, 2019 |

Christmas dinner, going to the beach on a summer holiday and spending time at your grandparent’s house are the memories we remember most vividly from our childhoods, it has emerged.

A study of 2,000 adults which explored their … Read More

Vapers are saving £346.32 a year after kicking smoking

April 4, 2019 |

Smokers who have switched to vaping save on average £346.32 a year after kicking the habit, it has emerged.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found the financial implications of buying packets of fags is one of … Read More

Heavy traffic, ghosts – and the GOVERNMENT among the weird things Brits believe affect internet speed

April 4, 2019 |

Heavy road traffic, ghosts – and the GOVERNMENT are among the weird and wonderful things Brits believe affect internet speed, it has emerged.

A poll of 2,000 Brits revealed house pets, aliens and fish tanks have also been … Read More

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