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Iceni Magazine | June 26, 2019

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Welcome to Iceni Magazine Norfolk

Iceni Magazine Norfolk Issue 74Iceni Magazine Norfolk is a FREE monthly digital Norfolk Lifestyle Magazine, covering the Norfolk Area.

Iceni Magazine is a content-heavy magazine, providing good quality Norfolk relevant stories, news and events. This website specialises in circulating Norfolk news, events and stories in real time, publishing regional content daily.

Check out the latest issue available to view online now.

When’s the right time to sell your car

June 24, 2019 |

Selling your car can be a little risky when you sell it as a private seller.

You may be ready to sell your vehicle, but the market may not be right. There has been much research conducted on … Read More

Glastonbury festival-goer will walk nearly 30 miles and snap 143 photos over the iconic event

June 24, 2019 |

The average Glastonbury festival-goer will walk nearly 30 miles, upload 35 social media posts and snap 143 photos over the iconic event, it has emerged.

Researchers who polled 1,000 people who have been to the legendary Somerset music … Read More

British shoppers missing out on more than £45billion of loyalty points a year

June 19, 2019 |

British shoppers could be missing out on more than £45billion of loyalty points a year, according to research.

Researchers found a fifth – around 10.5 million people – either have no loyalty cards or simply haven’t used them … Read More

British businesses could find themselves in trouble with the taxman over new rules

June 18, 2019 |

Tens of thousands of British businesses could find themselves in trouble with the taxman by failing to follow new rules on keeping digital records.

More than one million firms with an annual taxable income of in excess of … Read More

Online gaming trends in the UK: what to expect

June 18, 2019 |

The UK continues to be one of the biggest audiences for online gaming.

The market now stands at approximately £13.8 billion in revenues in September 2016 alone. The doors have been blown off of the market, and new … Read More

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle?

June 17, 2019 |

Leasing is becoming a popular alternative to buying a vehicle outright, but what exactly is the attraction?

After all, you don’t get to own the vehicle outright, so it’s never really yours. Why would anyone want to own … Read More

Why There Is No Substitute for Marble Tiles in Your Bathroom

June 14, 2019 |

Bathrooms today have taken on an entirely new look and feel than those in the past.

Modern day bathrooms are for far more than taking care of business or grabbing a quick shower. As the average person spends … Read More

Tips for new landlords

June 14, 2019 |

Being a landlord is a challenging task with many factors to consider. Acquiring a rental property can be a great investment, however, it can also be a complete disaster if your knowledge of the process is inadequate.

As … Read More

Three players Norwich City should sign this summer

June 14, 2019 |

Norwich City will be sensible this summer.

Sporting director Stuart Webber, who help mastermind the club’s 2018-19 Championship title win, said that summer deals would be conducted with the club’s long-term interests in mind.

Even though … Read More

Lots to Enjoy at Cromer Hospital fete

June 13, 2019 |

It’s time to start thinking about coming to the annual Cromer Hospital summer fete.

This year’s fete takes place on Saturday 29th June from 11am-2pm and, as always, the proceeds from the day will be shared between the Cromer Hospital … Read More

Poet Simon Mole and musician Gecko bring their new musical Mole & Gecko: THE SHOW to Norfolk

June 13, 2019 |

Expect songs, rap, poems and a weasel with a serious biscuit problem!

Gorleston Library and Acle Library – Wednesday 31 July Wymondham Library and Norwich Millennium Library – Thursday 1 August 

Poet Simon Mole and musician … Read More

Find your dream vehicle in Norfolk this July!

June 13, 2019 |

Returning for its 5th year, The Norfolk Motorhome & Campervan Show in Norwich has everything you need to kickstart your new life on the road.

If you’re looking to invest in your first motorhome or upgrade your current … Read More

Why American Football is rising on popularity in the UK

June 12, 2019 |

Author: Alex Dudley

American Football, but more precisely the NFL is growing more and more with every passing year within the United Kingdom.

Millions of people stay awake through the night for the showpiece event – … Read More

Spray Tan Didn’t Go So Well? Here’s How to Remove It

June 12, 2019 |

You thought a spray tan would be the best way to look great at the pool or upcoming event. So, you prepped, follow the application steps, and waited the desired time without a shower.

When you looked in … Read More

Where Are the Cheapest and Most Expensive Places to Take a Taxi in the UK?

June 12, 2019 |

According to the latest research, you could be paying £1 per mile more than other UK cities to ride home in a black cab.

For example, in Coventry, passengers can expect to pay around £3.11 per mile to … Read More

The average employee reckons they waste almost 15 weeks a year – carrying out “pointless” tasks at work

June 11, 2019 |

The average employee reckons they waste almost 15 weeks a year – carrying out “pointless” tasks at work, according to research.

The study of 2,000 workers found typically 142 minutes a day – more than two hours – … Read More

It’s official – 1984 was the best year for music according to Brits.

June 11, 2019 |

It’s official – 1984 was the best year for music according to Brits.

The year of Prince’s Purple Rain album, The Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s debut and the notable Band Aid record ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ beat … Read More

Scammer Gets Scammed or How to Avoid Business Fraud

June 11, 2019 |

Business fraud is a common thing, and to void, it there exists industry standards to make sure that a scammer gets scammed.

Thieves and cheats were known throughout history, and the more trade and business developed, the more … Read More

The Growth of Prosperity: Key Findings From the 2018 Legatum Prosperity Index

June 10, 2019 |

What is prosperity? For many, prosperity is defined by material wealth. National prosperity is too often determined by the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) or the average income per person (GDP per capita).

The issue with such as … Read More

The UK is the fourth happiest place in Europe – when it comes to satisfaction with our homes

June 7, 2019 |

The UK is only the fourth happiest place in Europe – when it comes to satisfaction with our homes.

Poor natural light, bad air quality and a lack of space were revealed as some of main reasons Brits … Read More

How to heat your home more intelligently

June 7, 2019 |

With the cost of living increasing quickly and salaries not doing the same, it is important to tighten our belts in any way we can.

Energy costs are on the rise too, so we share a few of … Read More

One in four men name their father as their top role model, ahead of Obama and Churchill

June 6, 2019 |

A string of sporting heroes, Hollywood actors and high-profile figures have all taken a backseat in a study of male role models – which was topped by dear old dad.

A poll of 2,000 UK men found one … Read More

Brits are happy to tuck into out of date food according to a new study

June 6, 2019 |

Millions of Brits are happy to tuck into out of date food, a study has found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found we will comfortably consume cheese 10 days after its ‘best before’ date, devour bread five days … Read More

Take That At Carrow Road – May 30 2019 Review

June 6, 2019 |

Following on from a magical two-night residency at Carrow Road in the summer of 2017, Take That’s much-anticipated return to Norwich for their Odyssey Greatest Hits tour confirmed the city’s ability to attract high profile live music events, brilliant news … Read More

Mindfulness with your Animals

June 6, 2019 |

Mindfulness has become popular in recent years but how can we incorporate it into our busy lives and benefit both ourselves and our animals? 

Firstly, back to the basics and what mindfulness actually means.  Being mindful is about … Read More

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Side Business That Makes Money

June 4, 2019 |

Everyone – old and young – has had the dream of making money from something they love – whether it’s selling your own crafts or cakes, becoming an expert and sharing your knowledge, or writing that book you’ve always wanted … Read More

The Isuzu D-Max and Subaru XV go head to head

June 4, 2019 |

If you’re into Japanese vehicles and you like grip and load-lugging prowess, then check out this double-helping of car review content from our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay. Isuzu D-Max

When it comes to getting the work … Read More

If you like cars, these two motors will pique your interest…

May 29, 2019 |

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist. Follow on Instagram @tbarnesclay Jeep Compass

The Compass offers a bunch of attributes that includes 4×4 off-road capability as well as contemporary and authentic Jeep design.

In Britain, the Compass … Read More

How Landscape Protection is Redefining and Protecting Our City Landscapes

May 24, 2019 |

Today’s city landscapes aren’t just visually unappealing, they’re also pretty hard on the environment.

While cities are certainly convenient and deliver a lot of great benefits into the economy, their current design is in definite need of improvement.

Read More

What is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

May 22, 2019 |

For anyone who lives in Norfolk that likes to keep their finger on the tech pulse, digital cryptocurrencies may already be on their radar.

However, you may have only heard snippets about what they are and not be … Read More

Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Learn Mandarin

May 17, 2019 |

Today, it appears that Mandarin is very much the go-to second-language for people in the Western world.

Despite it not being spoken as an official mother tongue outside of Asia, there are still vast amounts of people speaking … Read More

How to train your dog to stop barking all the time?

May 16, 2019 |

Just like children babble, crows caw and birds twitter, dogs bark.

It is a communication signal for them. The bark can be useful for humans as well. Household dogs can sense an intruder from a distance, and their … Read More

Kneipp | The Number One Holistic Bath And Body Care Brand

May 15, 2019 |

Founded in 1891 by Sebastian Kneipp, Kneipp offers an extensive range of natural body, bath and skin products that will not only invigorate and brighten your skin, but will also lift your mood too.

These include bath salts, … Read More

Raising your game: how to be the best candidate

May 13, 2019 |

Whether you are simply looking for a job to help with the bills or you are still fighting to achieve the job you dreamed of as a child, it’s important to present yourself as the best person for the role … Read More

Millions of Brits could be suffering eye problems due to a lack of BLINKING

May 13, 2019 |

Millions of Brits could be suffering eye problems due to a lack of BLINKING because we spend the equivalent of 84 days per year looking at screens, it has emerged.

Research has revealed we naturally blink between one … Read More

Two in five Brits ‘dread’ staying away from home because they know they won’t get a good night’s sleep

May 12, 2019 |

It’s official – you never get a good night’s sleep in a bed which isn’t your own.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found millions of Brits have stayed away from home overnight – and woken up … Read More

This is why Brits only perform at their ‘very best’ for one third of every day

May 12, 2019 |

The average Brit only feels they perform at their ‘very best’ for one third of every day, it has emerged.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found millions of us struggle to fire on all cylinders throughout the entirety … Read More

Homes under the Hacker – Millions Risk Personal Data Being Stolen

May 10, 2019 |

New research has highlighted the ways in which criminals target people’s personal details. Some 17 per cent of people polled don’t believe fraudsters can hack into Wi-Fi routers in order to spy and steal information.

Nearly half (47%) … Read More

Local Accountancy Firm Aston Shaw Raises more than £5,700 for Big C Cancer Charity

May 8, 2019 |

Staff at local accountancy firm Aston Shaw have raised a grand total of £5,796.68 for Norfolk’s cancer charity, Big C.

Dominic Shaw, Director of Aston Shaw was delighted to present Dr Chris Bushby, Chief Executive of Big C … Read More

5 Famous Writers With Norfolk Connections

May 6, 2019 |

Norfolk is a rural county with a storied history, one that includes some of the finest writers from past and present.

From the English language’s first female writer, to a children’s author adored by Norwich, here are five … Read More

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