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Iceni Magazine | July 20, 2024

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2018 sleep trends – what do the experts think?

July 11, 2024 |

Sleeping trends have been set for 2018. But are they really going to help you get those precious hours of shut eye?

Our experts weigh in on these trends to help ward off your sleep dramas and get … Read More

Pros and Cons Of Servicing Your Own Car

June 19, 2024 |

Unless you get a solid deal on Groupon or have mechanic friends, car servicing can be an expensive endeavour – this might be one reason why more and more motorists are taking car maintenance into … Read More

Winter Activities to Keep Elderly People Warm

May 14, 2024 |

Despite grey winter weather, it is possible to enjoy some fun activities and this goes for elderly people too.

The tendency is to keep them all bundled up inside but they too need to let loose and enjoy … Read More

Electric Boilers Save Energy and Add Value To Your Property

April 18, 2024 |

For many residential and business properties, the question of gas or electric energy is one of cost.

While it is fundamentally true that per unit to unit costs, gas is slightly less expensive than electricity. When all … Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know About Team Building Activities

March 8, 2024 |

Here’s What You Need to Know About Team Building Activities

Are you considering doing some team building activities with the people in your company? This would be one way to allow them to connect in … Read More

5 Home Improvement Tips

January 26, 2024 |

A home mainly brings out the actual personality of its occupants. It is the desire of every homeowner to renovate and upgrade their home quickly and in an affordable manner.

Interior designing plays a pivotal role in … Read More

4 Layout Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

January 3, 2024 |

Planning a perfect bathroom remodel is tough. A lot needs to come together in a tight space. Bathrooms can go from sparse to crowded very quickly, each addition has an oversized impact because the room is smaller than other parts … Read More

A Perfect Guide to Your Next Doors & Windows Purchase

December 21, 2023 |

When you are looking into buying new windows and doors for your home, you have a lot to think about.

Windows and doors are a large investment and you want to make sure you get exactly what … Read More

Young Brits Turn to Alcohol to Cope with Mental Health Issues

December 8, 2023 |

Brits believe sleep, exercise and quality time with friends and family are vital for strong mental health. Younger generations are likely to look to alcohol when times get tough.

A recent study quizzing 2,000 Brits on the state … Read More

5 Cases Where a Locksmith Service Can Help You

December 6, 2023 |

No matter what the emergency, a good locksmith service realises how important their clients’ schedules are and won’t make them hang around.

They should be able to take action right away so that customers can move on with … Read More

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