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Iceni Magazine | June 24, 2024

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New Technologies That Helps To Improve Senior’s Quality of Life

New Technologies That Helps To Improve Senior’s Quality of Life

In the recent past, the number of home care agencies for seniors has been on the rise.

However, just like any other business, the home caregiving industry has had its share of challenges. That said, retaining experienced caregivers and clients is a challenge. That is why every home care agency should seek technology innovations to help improve and streamline caregiving services. Note, proper care translates to a better quality of life for seniors. Choosing reputable providers, like Care for Family, will ensure your loved ones are in the very best of hands.

Below are ways how technology (software’s) is improving the senior person’s quality of life.

1.  No Manual Record Keeping

Manual record-keeping is always a challenge to any business, which is why many are choosing to utilise care management software to ease the pressure. For example, taking caregiving business, manual reporting, and record-keeping works to the caregiver’s disadvantage. A lot of time is spent reporting on billing hours, reporting on work done, etc. Secondly, bookkeeping at the agency’s headquarters takes a tremendous toll on precious time, which could solve home care issues.

The good thing is that agencies can leverage all that tedious work on home care software. With quality home care software, record keeping will be easy for caregivers, giving them ample time to care for seniors.

2.  Measure caregivers professionalism

The measure of professionalism among employees goes a long way in bettering services in any entity. The home care business is no exception. The question is, how can business owners or managers judge employee’s performance without measurable and data-driven insights.

Such is why home care software comes in handy. With well-developed software, i.e., a mobile app, a Philadelphia home care agency can counter-check the total hours worked by each caregiver alongside timely service delivery. That way, business owners can use measurable data to pick the best serving caregiver and even reward him/her, something that goes a long way in motivating employees.

3.  Time & work effort saving

Honestly, caregiving is not an easy job. Caregiver shifts are always characterized by handling seniors with delicate health issues, not to forget those with challenging behavioral changes. Meaning, most are the times when caregivers are left exhausted.

But, with smart mobile software, caregivers can get real-time updates of their managing schedules. Secondly, mobile apps can help caregivers counter check on alternative caregiving procedures with ease, saving time, which would have gone to waste in making calls or checking large files.

New Technologies That Helps To Improve Senior's Quality of Life

4.  Eased and real-time update

If any senior care agency is to succeed, information availability and channeling must be in real-time. The flow of communication between home care management, clients, and caregivers must be efficient.

Poor information channeling means poor service delivery. For example, a caregiver needs to get information on shift changes, client locations, special care needs, and any time updates without any confusion.

Lastly, clients will always expect real-time updates on their care services; and all that can only be possible with well-structured home care software.

5.  Client feedbacks

Clients’ feedback is a vital factor that can help any home care agency improve its services, thus growing its business in return. However, paperwork feedbacks are not to be trusted 100%; such can easily get altered.

But with a feedback option enabled home care software, home care business owners can get genuine and timely feedback. With this software, it’s possible to get each caregiver’s genuine number of hours spent at a particular client’s home, behavior, attention to details, attitudes, professionalism, and language type they used.

With genuine feedback, as a caregiver agency manager, you can choose who to reward, whether to plan for caregivers retraining or who to caution.


In the home caregiving business, client retention and positive reviews are undoubtedly a steep hill to attain. However, the quality of caregiving can significantly improve once the right technology is incorporated.  Technology usage can serve as an efficiency gauge and a tool to streamline service delivery.


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