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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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First date fashion: What you should be wearing to impress your date

First date fashion: What you should be wearing to impress your date

Dates can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially when you’re looking to impress a new person for the first time.

So, once you’re done stressing about where to go and what to do, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to nail your first date outfit.

Although your choice of outfit is likely to be influenced by the formality and venue of your date, there are some general rules you should be following. So, if you’re struggling for the perfect date outfit, read on to find out more.

The shirt
A first date is all about impressing, and a shirt could be just the thing you need to do the trick. Opting for a shirt, casual or formal, will instantly add the illusion of extra effort and boost your style points. You can never go wrong with a neutral or muted tone like white or grey as these go well with plenty of other colours you might choose for your trousers.

Our pick is this Paul & Shark white Oxford shirt from Pritchards. With a perfectly tailored fit and crisp white colour, this shirt is bound to become a wardrobe staple for you. And, with the brand’s iconic badge incorporated onto the front, it’ll be hard for your date to ignore your designer taste.

The jeans

Denim is a versatile fabric, with a range of washes and fits to choose from, so it’s impossible not to find the perfect pair of jeans to complement your date look. A pair of slim-fit grey jeans will look great paired with a white shirt for the ultimate daytime look, while dark blue or indigo washes will seamlessly take you from day to night.

Current trends are seeing more distressed and inventive denim styles, but overdoing it with rips, studs and detailing can have the reverse effect and make it look as though you haven’t made enough effort for the occasion, potentially putting your date off.

The key to choosing the perfect denim is dressing for your body type. So, if you’re wanting to try a new style for your date and don’t know where to start, GQ’s guide to denim can help.

The shoes

For many people, shoes are the key to a great outfit.
For many people, shoes are the key to a great outfit. Whether you choose to coordinate some smart shoes to your shirt, or you use them to make a statement, your footwear can be where you earn some serious credit for your style.

Loafers and brogues are the perfect versatile choices, with the ability to make any outfit as casual or as formal as you’d like. If you’re looking to invest in a new pair for the occasion, picking a timeless colour like black, brown or navy will ensure you always have something to go with future outfits, as well as getting great value for money – especially if you’re splashing out on some luxury styles.

But, if you’re wanting to use your footwear as the showpiece to your outfit, be brave and choose bold colours like mustard, vibrant reds or a pair of on-trend bright white designer trainers — your date is sure to love seeing your adventurous side!

The accessories

Accessories present a great opportunity to add a touch of personality to your look, so be sure to invest in a couple of showstopping pieces to catch your date’s eye.

A designer belt can take any outfit up a couple of notches, so be sure to pick one that’s got classic detailing, like one of these from Gucci, to ensure you can get frequent wear out of it. If you want to add some jewellery, try a watch. With so many sizes, colours and designs available, you’re sure to find one that’ll complement your date outfit perfectly.

The grooming
Presentation is everything, so heading to the barbers for a quick trim won’t go unnoticed.

Presentation is everything, so heading to the barbers for a quick trim won’t go unnoticed. You should ensure any facial hair is pruned to perfection, too. Using beard oils and waxes will make sure you look orderly and clean, as well as maintaining your already great look.

Add a few spritzes of your favourite aftershave, and you’re good to go!

No matter how nervous you are, a great outfit can give you a serious confidence boost. So, if you’ve got an upcoming first date, follow our guide to ensure you’re planning a look to get your date’s head turning!


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