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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Around The Home

10 Fashion Staples That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

October 16, 2021 |

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fashionista in possession of clothes must require more clothes.

That may not be the correct version of the infamous Jane Austen quote, but it is still the truth that all … Read More

How To Prepare Your Home For The Winter Months

October 14, 2021 |

Now that October has arrived, we can safely say that winter is here, and we can start looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

If you’re like most people, you’ll have relatives and friends around at some stage, … Read More

Protected: 6 Ways to Get Organised Around the Home

October 6, 2021 |

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Interesting and Unique Hobbies That You Can Enjoy in Your Garden

September 22, 2021 |

A garden is often the most underrated and underutilised space in a home.

Most people use the garden as a place for social gatherings and to relax after a long day of work. People sometimes enjoy a new … Read More

4 Things You Need When Doing a DIY Home Remodel

September 22, 2021 |

Some people are handy and can remodel their homes themselves. Other people are handy and they have the skills needed to do a major home makeover the right way.

Whether you fall into either of these categories, you … Read More

Buying an Older Home: What You Really Need To Be Aware Of!

September 17, 2021 |

An old home has more character but is it going to have a significant impact on the quality of your home?

Many people prefer to buy an older house for this very simple reason, but we have to … Read More

Top Electronics To Have in Your Home

September 12, 2021 |

Your home is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, which means that it shouldn’t be cluttered with electronics.

You only need to have essentials and dispense with things you do not need. Here are the top electronic … Read More

3 Ways for Norfolk Homeowners to Bring Luxury Home on a Budget

September 7, 2021 |

Your home is your castle, and should reflect your unique style at all times.

And if you have a leaning for luxury, you deserve to indulge! Quality fabrics and sumptuous silks are back in fashion this Autumn, making … Read More

Cleaning Facts Nobody Told You About

August 28, 2021 |

Do you know the best time to clean? How about the most important places to start cleaning first?

Who knew that cleaning could be so complex and challenging–especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This blog post … Read More

5 time-saving oven cleaning tips for foodies

August 20, 2021 |

Oven cleaning can be a pain for a foodie that uses their kitchen regularly. Here, Katie Georgeson, from oven and cooker specialist Belling, shares her top five oven care tips that will make the clean-up process a breeze … Read More

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