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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Shopping Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Preowned Vehicle

June 15, 2022 |

Buying a second-hand car can either be a problematic endeavour or a simple transaction depending on the company you deal with.

You may experience a great and stress-free deal if you work with a reputable company. However, if … Read More

Don’t Pick Up Lemons When You’re Looking For A Car

June 6, 2022 |

When you’re in the market for a new car, the risk of buying one that simply isn’t fit for purpose isn’t all that high.

However, it’s still a risk that can affect your finances, your ability to get … Read More

What should you look for when buying a used car?

May 24, 2022 |

A car is a significant purchase.

And as such, it isn’t something that you should rush into It isn’t likely that you’ll get your money back if you aren’t satisfied, so you definitely don’t want to rush into … Read More

Looking After Your Car Is Essential, But Why?

May 19, 2022 |

Looking after your car is essential, we all know that.

But, do you know why? It’s shocking the number of people who don’t actually have a clue why they should be completing regular maintenance on their cars, and … Read More

Motorists urged to get the best price for scrap cars

May 18, 2022 |

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist – Follow him @carwriteups

Over 25,000 UK motorists sold their car for scrap in 2013, receiving an average of £147.54 each, according to exclusive figures revealed by vehicle removal specialist Remove … Read More

How to Make Your Car Greener and More Efficient

May 10, 2022 |

Making your car greener and more efficient might be something near the top of your list of priorities right now.

It’s something that lots of people are thinking about as we all try to live life in a … Read More

How to Clean Your Car Interior in 5 Easy Steps

May 9, 2022 |

Keeping the interior of your car clean is important not only for your vehicle’s maintenance but also for your own health and safety.

If there is a lot of debris lying around and you brake suddenly, it could … Read More

Minor Car Problems You Should Always Get Fixed

May 5, 2022 |

Every car owner is guilty of putting off those much-needed small jobs regarding your vehicle.

Dealing with a potential bill from your local servicing company isn’t the most appealing prospect, however it is important to see to as … Read More

5 new driver pitfalls and how to avoid them

April 27, 2022 |

New drivers are always going to make mistakes – that is part and parcel of developing a new skill.

No matter how quickly you picked up being behind the wheel or how few minors you got on your … Read More

A quick guide to car insurance types and costs

April 21, 2022 |

Do you need to get cover for your car? Whether it’s your first vehicle or your first time organising insurance, it might not be the most exciting element of driving.

But it’s illegal to get behind the wheel … Read More

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