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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Hobbies & Pastimes

What does the UKGC do?

June 22, 2022 |

As any of us might expect, regulation on the gambling industry has always been fairly strict.

The industry is closely monitored by government bodies, in order to ensure fairness and security for customers. The organization, in the UK, … Read More

Investment Opportunities You Might Not Have Thought Of

June 11, 2022 |

Over the past few months the economy has been unstable to say the least.

The election of Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit have seen huge fluctuations in the market. It is not yet known how these … Read More

Guide to Sports Betting

June 7, 2022 |

Many football events are available to bet on every week, with bookies giving a wide range of betting odds.

They will place bets on the games’ results and events, such as the number of goals scored, corners won, … Read More

Become an expert on free bets – the bookies favourite marketing trick

June 3, 2022 |

One of the biggest shake ups caused by online gambling to the industry has been the increasingly attractive free bets on offer by virtually all major platforms.

There are so many available (100+ according to FindBettingSites) that it … Read More

Can You Win Real Money Playing Games Online?

May 31, 2022 |

For many people, the idea that you could make money from home playing games is too good to be true, while others believe it’s just a plain scam.

However, we’re here to tell you that it’s 100% possible … Read More

How to Make your Music Band Successful in a Few Steps

May 25, 2022 |

For millions of people in the UK, music provides a rewarding hobby and a great use of leisure time.

Plenty of musicians make a living through their ability to perform – and they aren’t just the ones who … Read More

Best Half Day Fishing Trips That Your Children Love

May 20, 2022 |

A fishing trip can be a perfect time to bond with family; it can be the best time for the kids to gain some skills.

Fishing adventures can also be the ideal time for the kids to visit … Read More

How To Organise A Local Fun Run In 10 Easy Steps

May 18, 2022 |

Organising a fun run in your local area is a great way to get people active and involved in their community.

Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Here are ten easy steps to help you get started:

1. … Read More

New Research Discovers Traditional Games Are Dying

May 5, 2022 |

Are Traditional Games Dying? 

Recent research shows only one in every four 18-55 year olds know ‘how to raise the stakes’. 

Data collected by online poker provider Paddy Power, discovered that although a quarter of adults understand the … Read More

3 Creative Ways to Spend Lockdown #3

April 28, 2022 |

The UK is back in lockdown, and it’s not our first rodeo.

So when it comes to staying entertained, we have to confess we’re running out of ideas this time round.

But all is not lost … Read More

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