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Iceni Magazine | July 14, 2020

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Hiring a Luxury Limo VS Travelling In Your Hatchback for a Long-Road Trip


Whether taking your lady love for the 1st date, planning an exotic adventure trip with college pals or having an inclination to indulge in sheer pleasure & joy of a long drive, hiring a limousine in Glasgow is a grand thought.

Although it may sound strange, renting a luxury vehicle for a long road trip is far more cost-efficient than hiring for local rides. Consequently, not only saves money but also have rich experiences that you can treasure for years to come.

Are You in a Dilemma?

Whether renting a luxury car or driving your own vehicle for a forthcoming long journey, it’s your personal call. With premium cars like Limo, comes the perks of greater space and comfort, and improved safety attributed compared to the economy segment vehicles.

Whatever the reason for going on-road for a long-drive, here, in this post, we’ve compiled reasons renting an elite car such as the Audi R8 for a long trip than travelling in your own hatchback.

1.  Wear & Tear

Taking long road trips can prove costly for your vehicle, as it will contribute to hefty bills in petrol, repairs etc.

Just imagine, you are to attend a business conference in Paris from London. The distance between these two cities is around 300 miles, approximately taking 5 to 6 hours to reach.

So, if you feel that your vehicle isn’t reliable to take such trips, reach out best limo companies in the region.

Hatchbacks are likely to breakdown. On the contrary, we can always trust luxury vehicles for hassle-free travelling, even across the border.

So, ask yourself, do you want to take the headache of taking your car to a local garage or have a royal experience in a luxury Limo?

2.  Comfort

Well, if you ask a sole reason to put extra dollars on hiring a premium car than driving your own vehicle for a long journey, it is the supreme comfort you have with the former option. Superior interiors, ample legroom space, luxury cars are an idyllic amalgam of extravagance and solace. Further, if you are travelling with your kids, then the limo journeys are worth recollecting, mainly owing to the comfort and true peace of mind.

Limos are well-known for their leisure amenities, and you can sip your favourite scotch while having amazing scenic views of nature along the journey.

3.  No Stress, Only Fun

party in limo

Long-road trips can be frustrating. But, when you hire a luxury class limousine from a reputed service provider, a trained yet friendly chauffeur will be assigned. He/she will calmly manage the ride while you are having a laugh with fellow passengers and relax until you reach the destination.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So, why think or rethink, research the region to locate a credible luxury car operator.

4.  No Traffic Headaches

limo driver

No matter how delayed you are in terms of your schedule, you’ll reach the place on time when travelling in a limousine.

In addition, don’t need to wait anxiously when stuck in a massive traffic jam, as you won’t be bored in the limousine. Have a drink and revel in the company of your family or even prepare the presentation before the meeting, and the time will fly!

5.  A VIP Feel

limo door open

Many of us rent a Limo just to exude a personal statement among our friends and relatives. For many, getting a rich feel in a limousine is a big reason to hire a limo service. Travelling will always feel you are important, and everyone is envious of you!

Final Thoughts

Event sorted, but need a luxury class vehicle? Go online and seek estimates from more than one limo company in the town. Weigh their quotes in terms of pricing and facilities proposed to reach a conclusion.

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