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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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What Manufacturing Businesses Can Do to Practice Sustainable Wastewater Management

Sustainable Wastewater Management

When you’re running a small manufacturing business, one thing you always need to keep in mind is sustainability.

No matter how new you are at this, you need to keep in mind that wastewater management is a critical aspect of responsible manufacturing and that, before any wastewater can be disposed of, wastewater permits are required. All businesses are expected to seek sustainable solutions now. It’s not just about PR either, but the environment seriously needs to be helped and improved.

But when you’re running a manufacturing business, how can you even manage the wastewater in an eco-friendly way? Is it possible? While decades ago, it basically wasn’t possible, nowadays, no matter what size or scale your business is, it truly is possible. So, with that said, here’s what your business can do to not only comply with regulations and benefit the planet but also contribute to the long-term success of the business, all through sustainable wastewater management!

You’ll Need to Start By Conducting a Comprehensive Water Audit

Before you can even implement any changes, your manufacturing business needs to start off by conducting a thorough water audit to identify areas of water use and potential areas for improvement. So, understanding the water flow within the facility enables targeted strategies for reducing consumption and optimising wastewater treatment. Again, nowadays, there are so many different organisations out there that can help you with this, not just the audit, but ways to fix this situation too.

Implement a Closed-Loop System

So what exactly does this even mean? Well, a closed-loop system is where water is continuously recycled within the manufacturing process, and this can significantly minimise wastewater generation. There are plenty of options nowadays to help out in creating this system, such as a packaged pump station (something that’s incredibly handled for any manufacturing business in the first place).

But there are other systems that can help with waste management, too. Just by reusing water in various stages of production, businesses can decrease their reliance on external water sources and contribute to a more sustainable water cycle. This is something more manufacturing businesses are looking into, and it’s very helpful.

Adopt Green Chemistry Practices

This wasn’t something that really existed decades ago; now, this push for sustainability means that there is finally more innovation to adopt much-needed changes. So it’s really going to help to choose environmentally friendly and biodegradable chemicals in manufacturing processes.

As you can already expect, green chemistry practices minimise the generation of harmful pollutants in wastewater, making treatment more straightforward and less harmful to the environment. Again, this is something that’s drastically easy to do, even if you’re running a very small business.

Just Collaborate!

Nowadays, it looks better for businesses (especially manufacturing) if they collaborate with green-focused organisations. But this could even be regulatory bodies, too, as both of these are pretty nice ways to stay informed about the latest sustainable practices and compliance standards. Participating in industry initiatives can provide valuable insights and support for implementing eco-friendly wastewater management strategies.

Is There a Treatment System in Place?

So this might be something that’s dead obvious, but it never hurts to point it out. Does your plant have a way to treat the water that’s been used? If you can (and you should be able to), just try to choose systems that effectively remove pollutants and promote the responsible discharge of treated water back into the environment. If you do not have a way to treat the water, then a good idea is to contact a company that provides wastewater treatment Australia services, or in your local area. This is important because it will not only protect you and your staff but also the surrounding area and wildlife.

Hiring a company that can provide wastewater treatment services offers a number of benefits for both businesses and communities. Firstly, it ensures compliance with environmental regulations, preventing potential fines and legal issues. Additionally, it promotes sustainability by efficiently managing and recycling water resources, reducing overall water consumption, and conserving precious freshwater supplies.

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