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Iceni Magazine | June 24, 2024

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Health & Fitness

Mental Health: Top tips to stay healthy during the holidays

June 20, 2024 |

Doesn’t everyone just love holidays? Very few people might disagree that holidays are the absolute best time of the year.

You get to free yourself of stress and worries, spend quality time with your family and friends, and … Read More

How To Identify And Overcome Alcohol Addiction

June 13, 2024 |

Alcohol dependence can be devastating, but it can be challenging to identify the signs and get yourself help. Moderate or mindful drinking is healthy. It is a social lubricant, anxiety crusher and fun. But addiction or alcohol dependency is something … Read More

Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy and Happy Relationship

June 13, 2024 |

30-Second Summary Whether you’ve been married for years or just moved in with your partner, you need to find ways to maintain a healthy relationship. Discover how to do so here. 

  • Relationships are challenging. The amount of … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Composite Bonding

June 13, 2024 |

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your smile due to chipped teeth, gaps, or discolouration, composite bonding might be the perfect solution for you.

This minimally invasive cosmetic dental procedure can help restore the beauty and health of … Read More

The importance of hobbies in the 21st century

June 5, 2024 |

Life for most of us is hectic. At work, we are required to work ever longer hours for the same rewards, and the rise of the smartphone and social media means that it’s harder than ever to find a little … Read More

Experience Tranquillity: Discovering Natural Stress Relievers

June 5, 2024 |

Nature’s Bounty: Unveiling The Power Of Natural Remedies

In the quest to achieve tranquillity and peace of mind amidst the chaos of our daily lives, we often overlook the power of nature’s bounty. However, the last few years … Read More

Tips to Help You Finally Break the Smoking Habit

June 2, 2024 |

While smoking cigarettes is less common than it used to be, it’s still a popular habit and one of the most common addictions around the world.

Most people are well aware of the potential health risks associated with … Read More

Shapewear That Works with Your Entire Wardrobe

May 17, 2024 |

Women of this generation tend to add the best shapewear collection to their wardrobe.

For regular wearers, it is easy, but it is no less than a challenge for a beginner. This guide is here to help women … Read More

Relief for Chronic Pain: Ten Things to Try

May 16, 2024 |

Seeking relief for chronic pain is a mission for many.

Living with chronic pain can be a debilitating experience, affecting every aspect of your life. Conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and migraines can cause constant discomfort, making it … Read More

The Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor For Your Overall Health

May 15, 2024 |

Most people think of chiropractors as the go-to back pain relief source.

While this is true, seeing a chiropractor can do much more than just help you manage back pain. In fact, a chiropractor can help you boost … Read More

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