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Iceni Magazine | July 20, 2024

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Hobbies Perfect For Boosting Mental Health

boosting mental health

When it comes to looking after your health, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just your physical health that needs looking after.

It’s also important that you take steps to look after your mental health as well. Of course, knowing what kinds of things you should do to help take care of your mindset and emotional health isn’t always easy, is it? Everyone always talks about self-care, but knowing what self-care looks like for you can be hard to determine.

The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can take care of your mental health, it’s simply a case of finding what works for you. A great way to make self-care part of your daily life is to think about the types of hobbies that you can do that help to give self-care a boost. By doing this, you can make incorporating self-care and positive activities for mental health into your schedule, far simpler and easier.

And don’t forget that self care also involves recognising when alternative methods aren’t necessarily working and you may need the support of a general practitioner to prescribe some antidepressants, for example. Alternatively, you may wish to look into paying for the services of a professional, such as a Las Vegas psychologist if you live in Nevada for example, as they can often help a great deal.

Wondering what kinds of hobbies you could try? Below are a few tips and ideas for the kinds of hobbies that are perfect for giving your mental health a boost!


It might be a cliche but yoga really is a great activity for mental wellness. It also helps to boost fitness and flexibility, and is doable for anyone of any age and ability. Yoga with outdoor gym equipment can be a great way to start or end your day – you can opt to practice Yoga at home as part of an online class or tutorial, or you can opt to join a yoga group. You might even be able to find an outdoor yoga group where you can practice yoga in a calming outdoor space.

Also, along with yoga, you could also try THC gummies to relax and de-stress. Delta 8 Gummies are an ideal, discreet way to manage physical and mental health without having to smoke or vape traditional cannabis. Consuming THC gummies prior to engaging in a strenuous workout or a tiring hobby can help you achieve better results and sustain yourself for longer periods of time. THC has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve focus and concentration levels, increase creativity, boost energy, elevate motivation levels, and aid sleep.

Moreover, consuming THC also helps with relaxation for post-workout stretching and meditation as well as helps with undisturbed sleeping after activities which would otherwise cause difficulty sleeping due to exhaustion.


If you’re someone who enjoys getting out and about and being with nature, fishing could be a great hobby for boosting your mental health. If you’ve never fished before, you might need to take the time to learn about what it takes to be successful at fishing and what you need to actually go fishing. You may find that specialists like Mark Bryant from Baitworks can help you when it comes to getting started with fishing and working out what you need to buy.


Believe it or not, anyone can draw. It’s a hobby that, with a few lessons, anyone can pick up and get started in. If you’re someone who lacks quiet time in their lives, taking up drawing should allow you to add that quiet time into your schedule. You can opt to use drawing guides and online tutorials to get started, or you could opt to take a drawing class. Either way, you should find that drawing becomes a calming and soothing hobby that gives you the chance to allow your mind to unwind after a hectic day or week. Grab yourself a few permanent markers if you’re looking to create a vibrant work of art, or get a pack of pencils for mor detailed line work. With some good quality paper you’ll be the next Van Gogh in no time!


Golf can have many mental health benefits. Not only is it an enjoyable physical workout, but it requires strategic thinking and focus – acting like meditation in many cases. Spending time indulging in a game of golf brings nature close while offering respite from everyday stresses – this is typically one of the major bonuses of living near a golf course that people talk about, being able to step out of your front door into your favourite activity surrounded by nature can be all some people need to feel better.

Even beginners to golf can start off by taking lessons with local pros or consulting online resources for initial guidance – don’t forget about purchasing one of the Golf Package Sets too! Whether your goal is a hole-in-one or simply walking the course it can provide much-needed relaxation!


For combining physical health and mental health, cycling can be a fantastic hobby to try. It gives you the chance to get out and about and see lots of the local area, while also getting plenty of exercise into your day. If you’re nervous about the idea of cycling on the road, consider sourcing off-road cycle routes instead and use those as your base for cycling. There’s something about being on a bike, exploring a new area – it’s fun, exciting, and it can be a great wellness booster.

There you have it, a guide to a few hobbies that are perfect for boosting mental health.

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