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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Where Do You Put A Logo On a T Shirt For Brand Recognition?

Where Do You Put A Logo On a T Shirt For Brand Recognition?

There are many reasons to personalising a t shirt, be it you are part of a team or a society and want to show who you are representing, or you have bought your personalised t shirts for fun such as a stag/hen do or a festival to stand out and ensure and stragglers from the group can be found and returned safely. No matter the reason for your personalised t shirt there are a few rules when placing a logo if you are looking for brand recognition.

The Traditional

If you are going for a traditional garment, then there a few simple rules to follow for that classic stand out brand on your clothing. Traditionally you would expect the garment to be of a polo shirt design made from a knitted cotton with collar and sleeve details for the premium look. The logo would be adorned upon the left-hand breast and would typically be created through embroidery which finishes the garment with a premium feel that is commonly found on well-established British brands. This traditional design can be observed from many brands such as Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and Henri Lloyd.

The Modern

If you are seeking a more modern look and feel to your garments you may be considering alternatives to the traditional look. Having your brand displayed across the centre of the garment not only creates a strong visual appearance that can reinforce brand recognition but can also give the wearer a sense of pride and presence. Take a look at the Supreme Box Logo, this brand statement is clear, bold and really makes a visual impact!

If you are going down the route of the front and centre logo, you should consider using an eye catching ink for the logo, such as a metallic colour, or something neon, as this will emphasise your brand and if you have a similar model to Supreme, you could release limited runs of each colour to increase hype around your brand which urges customers to buy to avoid missing out.

The New Kid On The Block

Are you here to break the rules and make people think differently? If yes good, after all rules were made to be broken and what market doesn’t need a shake up from a newcomer! If you assign to this school of thought, then the sky really is the limit with your logo design and placement. If you want to really try something new with your t shirt designs where the only limitation is your I imagination then why not check out Banana Moon for your t shirt printing, as you will find endless personalisation options which will allow your creativity to flow!

So, when it comes to deciding on the placement for your logo, take a minute to reflect on what has been discussed above, decide where your brand ethos fits in, the get creative!


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