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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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10 Easy Ways To Look And Feel Younger

Look And Feel Younger

Although the idea of living forever is impossible, there are several ways you can beat nature and stop the effects of time.

A study suggested that people who look younger live longer. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, the desire to look and feel younger is not such a challenging or impossible one. So, have you been wondering who you can also feel and look younger than your age? Making the right lifestyle choices would put you on the right track. Here are a few changes you should consider.

1. Drink more water

You don’t have to wait until you are thirsty before taking in some water. When your body has been somewhat drained, you begin to get dehydrated- you should avoid this. Researchers have proposed at least eight large glasses of water each day if you want to look and feel better and younger. Likewise, drinking more water can help you shed excess fat effortlessly.

Aside from keeping you healthily hydrated and in youthful shape, drinking more water also helps rejuvenate your skin. The constant water consumption acts as an excellent moisturiser for your skin to stop various signs of ageing skin such as fine lines, dullness and wrinkles. It also keeps your skin moist and hydrated, giving you a youthful, healthy glow. You wouldn’t need an anti-ageing cream!

2. Eat a healthy diet

While you can’t fight the ageing process, some foods can help slow down the process and make you feel better both on the inside and out. This includes vegetables with the highest vitamin C content, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and broccoli. A study measuring the elasticity and few other skin qualities in women found that women who eat more greens and yellow veggies had fewer wrinkles than those who consumed less. Other diets, including oily fish like salmon, fresh tuna, herring, and mackerel, promote younger looks and are long-living. Another study mentioned beauty-enhancing fats as helpful in improving skin texture and offering protection against sun damage. 

3. Have more sex

Many experts have acknowledged a positive connection between frequent sex and living a happier, healthier, younger life. When quizzed about how she always looks more youthful, a 43-year-old woman mentioned sex and yoga as her secret. Interestingly many people assume their sex life and beauty routine are entirely different, yet the two go hand-in-hand. Hormone estrogen increase during orgasm and physical activity during sex are significant for your skin, hair, and overall ageing health. Research about the benefits of sex suggested that people who have sex at least three times a week looked 12 years younger than their actual age. 

4. Change up your hair

There is a widespread perception that super-short chop is a requirement for ageing. However, it is time to throw that idea into the bin. Instead, make your hair more modern and manageable by making it a bit fuzzy if you want to cut it. You might also consider a choppy bob that is slightly below your collarbone since an excessive length can drag your hair down. According to fashion experts, an asymmetrical shape can deflect attention away from any visible wrinkles you may have.

5. Have a daily workout routine

Today, everyone across the world is glued to their smart devices. This has led to many lounging, poor sitting positions, and sloping necks as all eyes are fixated on bright screens. Your busy lifestyles mean you are always on the go with barely enough time to treat yourself right, that is, until your health is under threat. As you already know, good regular exercise is effective for longevity and good health. Exercising at least four times each week has been shown to slow down the ageing process as you fight off muscle loss and improve your sleep. However, the question remains whether we’ll pay heed to maintain regular physical activity.

6. Consider taking in supplements

Vitamin D, along with C, E, and K, is best known for its skincare properties. It is vital to keep enough of these vitamins in your system to keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant. Your skin is the largest body organ, and taking proper care of it should be an essential part of your health regimen. While experts advise limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, wearing protective sunscreen has proven a practical approach. Adding the correct vitamins in the right proportion to the skins helps remove redness, dark spots, rough patches and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are several health supplements to provide all the essentials you need, not only for your skin but hair too. 

7. Avoid using strong shampoos and cleansers every day

The use of shampoo and hair cleansers have indeed become a regular practice presently, yet overusing them will get rid of your hair’s beneficial chemical properties. To maintain a good pH level balance and get your hair a gorgeous shine and bounce, limiting your shampoo and other hair chemicals use is best. If possible, cut it to one or twice use per week. The use of essential oils such as jasmine, chamomile, and tea tree is growing famous for nourishing hair and scalp, just like Propecia in treating hair loss. While coconut oil is another effective solution for beautiful, shiny hair, ensure to limit the use of hairdryers, curling irons and other heat styling tools to avoid breakage or damage.

8. Quit smoking

Some bad habits can further increase your ageing process, making you appear older and adversely affecting your health- of which smoking is one. Regular smoking exposes you to the risk of contracting lung and mouth cancer and causes your body to look older. It can likewise reduce your lifespan in addition to affecting your life quality. Tobacco smoking has been shown to cause premature skin ageing. The unhealthy smoking habit leads to shortness of breath, sinus congestion and coughing and always affects your general energy level. Your risk of suffering a heart-related condition is cut by almost 50% if you quit smoking for at least a year.

9. Avoid stress

Stress is unavoidable and a known factor of rapid ageing. However, there are lifestyle changes such as stress management that can manage and reverse the effects of stress. Stress and conflict reduction will turn off stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and activate endorphins, natural body pain killers. If there is one thing common in youth is that you worry less. Take a cue from that and many other things that make you more youthful.

You can likewise include some pop of colour since they can be youthful and fun. You don’t necessarily need to go for complete colour wear. You can accentuate your outfit with the latest colour trends to look modern and stylish. Don’t look so yesterday when you want to look and feel like today. 

10. Visit your dentist regularly 

Regular visits to the dentist at least twice every year is vital for keeping your older mouth looking excellent as you age. Routine professional cleaning helps detect any dental issues at the early stage before they develop into full-fledged problems. Your oral health plays a huge role in wearing bright, attractive smiles. A study showed that people who wear neutral facial expressions are considered young, while fearful faces make individuals look older. Happy and smiling facial expressions make you look younger than you are.

It’s a joy to feel and look young! These ten tips are a great place to start. However, you should also discover and try out other tips to help you live a life of youth, happiness, and longevity!

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