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Iceni Magazine | July 8, 2020

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Top 5 reasons to host an offbeat wedding in Bangalore

June 10, 2020 |

Are you planning to host your destination wedding in Bangalore?

If not, you should definitely give it a serious thought. Plush lawns, designer gardens, curated lakes, luxurious resorts, and royal palaces are what categorize the city of Bengaluru. … Read More

3 Reasons To Book Your Next Vacation In Croatia

May 7, 2020 |

If you went to last year’s Carassauga Festival of Cultures you may have been exposed to some cultures that intrigued you enough to think about a trip to one of the many countries featured there.

If one of … Read More

5 Tips for Preparing Your Hotel for a Commercial Photoshoot

April 22, 2020 |

When deciding which hotel to stay in, tourists consider several factors, which include the price, amenities, services, and freebies.

However, there is one element that can drive them to click the “Book Now” button or leave the website: … Read More

5 Things To Do In San Antonio For An Unforgettable Trip

December 9, 2019 |

Despite the fact that temperatures will at present be entirely high, San Antonio can be extremely beautiful in the fall.

San Antonio highlights one of a kind culture; one that is a demonstration of its recorded impacts. From … Read More

Five Great Tips for Budget Business Travel

November 22, 2019 |

Challenges come from all over businesses, whether it be where to get the next client from, how to negotiate a fair deal on that many units, how to drive back a hard pushing sales pitch when you know the product … Read More

Top Tips for Renting the Right Motorhome for Your Scotland Vacation

November 20, 2019 |

If it is your dream to discover Scotland for your next vacation, you do not have to settle in one area.

You can go anywhere you want if you are mobile and not saddled with finding hotels that … Read More

Fast and Easy: How to Take Advantage of the Eurostar Travel Network

November 18, 2019 |

In the market for a weekend getaway? Can’t stand the hour-long airport shuffle? Just want to get to Disneyland Paris and ride Space Mountain ASAP – please, it’s been your lifelong dream for as long as you can remember and … Read More

Seeing the Northern Lights, travelling on the Orient Express – and going to Chernobyl are among the most sought after travel experiences

November 7, 2019 |

Seeing the Northern Lights, travelling on the Orient Express – and going to Chernobyl are among the most sought after travel experiences.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the nation’s travel dreams, with the natural light display  predominantly … Read More

5 Ways to Experience Athens’s Food Like a Local

October 27, 2019 |

Eating well in Greece is a reality, and in its capital it was not going to be any less true!

There are many ways to experience Athens’s cuisine like a local, such as by taking a gastronomic tour … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Start Your Business in Cyprus

October 22, 2019 |

With the way the world is structured today, it is possible to set up a business and make money from any corner of the world.

Technology has made the world a global village, and information is readily available … Read More

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