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Iceni Magazine | August 3, 2021

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Tips for Throwing a Party This Summer

July 17, 2021 |

This year has been strange for everyone. You have had to make changes to your daily life, and this includes not seeing family and friends as regularly as you would have hoped for.

But the end is in … Read More

GoGoDiscover… on the hunt for the elusive T.Rex

July 11, 2021 |

Stored in captivity for months now, today has seen 21 T.Rexes released into the wild on the streets (and a few inside buildings) of Norwich. Our mission was to track them all down, and we were pretty much successful. Here … Read More

Enjoyment at the Allotment

July 5, 2021 |

If there’s one good thing to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is surely that sense of community, the togetherness and the helpful neighbourhoods.

Allotments have certain played their part within that too. Many people were shielding … Read More

8 of the best museums in the south of England: Revealed

June 26, 2021 |

A museum might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are considering what to do on the weekends or during the school holidays.

Perhaps, you have exhausted your local parks, beaches, and countryside areas, … Read More

Queen legend ROGER TAYLOR announces UK solo tour playing NORWICH – UEA on Saturday 9th October 2021!

June 9, 2021 |

Queen legend Roger Taylor announces 2021 UK solo tour alongside brand new album.

β€œThis is my modest tour, I just want it to be lots of fun, very good musically, and I want everybody to enjoy it. I’m … Read More

Great ideas for a romantic day out in Norfolk!

June 4, 2021 |

If you live in Norfolk or are planning to visit Norfolk, you’re in for a treat.

But if your partner has asked you to think of a good plan for a date day or a romantic day out, … Read More

Euro 2020: could it finally be coming home?

May 30, 2021 |

It is 25 years since Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds sang about football coming home.

We are still waiting, but perhaps Euro 2020 (despite it actually being 2021!) could be ours. For all you football fanatics out … Read More

The Continental Circus Berlin Is Heading To Norwich

May 27, 2021 |

From the producers of the some of the world’s finest Circuses comes a brand-new show specially created for an exclusive UK tour.

Continental Circus BerlinΒ is an amalgamation of brilliant Circus acts, music and real youthful energy, incorporating fantastic … Read More

Best Gambling Destinations in London You Should Never Miss

May 5, 2021 |

As a premier travel locale, London has its share of world-class casinos where players can enjoy an entirely different gambling experience.

And while there are a ton of online casino sites that offer similar services at the leisure … Read More

Post Lockdown, Spending The Weekend With A Friend? What To Consider

April 27, 2021 |

With vaccinations steadily improving the COVID-19 situation in the UK, the country is finally heading back towards some semblance of normality.

That means restrictions are disappearing, and in their place, people have increasing freedom to do what they … Read More

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