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Iceni Magazine | February 29, 2024

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7 Businesses That Can Benefit from a Golf Cart

February 28, 2024 |

The days when golf carts were confined exclusively to the greens and fairways are long gone.

Today, these compact vehicles are playing key roles in operations big and small.

From hauling goods to whisking guests around, … Read More

7 qualities to look for in search of a great lawyer

February 28, 2024 |

A well-prepared and reliable legal professional can help you get out of difficult and complicated situations.

You need an expert lawyer to resolve complex family law matters, protect you against false charges, or secure financial compensation after an … Read More

Tips on Cultivating a Positive and Productive Company Culture

February 27, 2024 |

To have a productive and positive company culture, you need to develop an environment conducive to your employees.

This includes providing the right tools for them to be successful as well as setting expectations. If you don’t give … Read More

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Tasks When You’re An Entrepreneur

February 26, 2024 |

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably used to doing everything yourself.

After all, you’re the one who started the business, so who better to handle everything than you, right? Well, not necessarily. Here are some of the benefits of … Read More

Simple Approaches to Reduce Stress Levels After Work

February 22, 2024 |

It’s essential to find ways to unwind and reduce stress levels after work.

We all deserve some relaxation and self-care to recharge our batteries. Without this, we will face burnout – no one wants to be dealing with … Read More

How Landscape Protection is Redefining and Protecting Our City Landscapes

February 20, 2024 |

Today’s city landscapes aren’t just visually unappealing, they’re also pretty hard on the environment.

While cities are certainly convenient and deliver a lot of great benefits into the economy, their current design is in definite need of improvement.

Read More

Turn Your Science Background into a Startup

February 19, 2024 |

A lot of people with a background in science never consider starting their own businesses because they believe that a life spent working in labs or academia is the only route available to them.

The fact of the … Read More

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business: Here’s How To Do It

February 19, 2024 |

Most people start businesses because they are passionate about the products and services they want to sell.

What you may not know is that lots of those budding entrepreneurs are turning an existing hobby into a business!

5 Ways To Improve Your Business IT Security

February 16, 2024 |

Business IT security is critical in today’s digital age, where sensitive information and valuable data are stored and processed online.

Inadequate security measures can lead to data breaches, loss of confidential information, and financial loss. Recent UK data … Read More

Looking For Work? Why Not Consider These?

February 16, 2024 |

It is not an overstatement to suggest that a great number of people right now are concerned about their prospects for future work.

Either the job function they now hold is in doubt due to the COVID-19 pandemic … Read More

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