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Iceni Magazine | July 19, 2024

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Welcome to Iceni Magazine Norfolk

Iceni Magazine Issue 135 CoverIceni Magazine Norfolk is a FREE monthly digital Norfolk Lifestyle Magazine, covering the Norfolk Area.

Iceni Magazine is a content-heavy magazine, providing good quality Norfolk relevant stories, news and events. This website specialises in circulating Norfolk news, events and stories in real time, publishing regional content daily.

Check out the latest issue available to view online now.

What steps to take if you are involved in a hit and run accident in California?

July 19, 2024 |

Car accidents occur quite frequently in California. Fortunately, California law is quite well regulated in this regard.

No matter what kind of accident you encounter, there are many measures you can take to get the compensation you deserve. … Read More

How Investing in Rental Properties Can Help You Retire Early

July 19, 2024 |

A lot of people save and invest to reach retirement earlier.

While there are many different financial avenues with which to achieve this faster, turning to rental real estate can turbo-charge this process. When we say turbo, we … Read More

7 Tips On How You Can Provide Support Throughout Your Loved One’s Rehabilitation Process

July 19, 2024 |

Rehabilitation can be a challenging journey for both the person in recovery and their friends and family.

It’s important to ensure that those close to someone undergoing rehabilitation have access to the right support they need, not just … Read More

How To Save Money When Starting A Business

July 19, 2024 |

While there are many different barriers that may stand in the way of becoming a small business, the biggest obstacles are often financial.

For example, while you can remedy a fear of failure by putting together a strong … Read More

Nanny Agency vs. Private Hire: Pros and Cons

July 18, 2024 |

Choosing a nanny is a monumental decision for any family. Whether you’re looking for someone to care for your children while you work or to provide support at home, the process can be daunting.

You might be … Read More

6 Things You Do In Your Home That Make Professionals Cringe

July 18, 2024 |

Many people believe they know how to take care of their homes. After all, it’s only natural for human beings to put effort into their dwellings.

Unfortunately, though, we sometimes make mistakes. And these can sometimes be dangerous. … Read More

4 Industries Changed Forever By The Pandemic

July 18, 2024 |

Coronavirus has changed life forever – we now know that pandemics aren’t a thing to scare us in cinemas, they’re something that threatens our way of life and that includes the businesses we care about.

Every industry has … Read More

Workplace Safety: Best Practices for Small Businesses

July 18, 2024 |

Maintaining workplace safety is crucial for small businesses aiming to protect their employees and ensure smooth operations.

An effective safety program not only prevents accidents and injuries but also promotes a positive work environment, enhancing overall productivity. Here … Read More

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: The Benefits of Park Gym Equipment and Playground Canopies

July 18, 2024 |

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular for fitness and recreation, providing communities with essential venues to promote health and well-being.

As urban areas expand and lifestyles become busier, the availability of accessible, multipurpose outdoor spaces is more important … Read More

4 Ways to Improve Hygiene in Your Company (That Won’t Break the Bank)

July 18, 2024 |

The cleanliness of your workplace says a lot about you as a company.

If “keeping house” isn’t one of your significant concerns, it can lead to errors, health concerns and more down the line. Plus, if you … Read More

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business: Here’s How To Do It

July 18, 2024 |

Most people start businesses because they are passionate about the products and services they want to sell.

What you may not know is that lots of those budding entrepreneurs are turning an existing hobby into a business!

10 Top Tips for Radical Savings on Clothing

July 17, 2024 |

Who doesn’t like to save? Especially, when it comes to fashionable clothing, people are always interested to still look stunning while saving some of their huge bucks.

Isn’t it? But, unfortunately, mostly the price tags of top-brands seem … Read More

Working Smarter Not Harder: Essential Advice for Business Bosses

July 16, 2024 |

In the fast-paced world of business, success often hinges on finding the right balance – working smarter not harder should be considered.

This approach emphasises efficiency, productivity and strategic decision-making.

In this article, we will explore … Read More

Let’s find a positive way to co-parent

July 16, 2024 |

Children get used to the status quo at home.

Even when it’s fraught or unpleasant, it becomes their normal, with them sometimes only appreciating how different other people’s lives are if they visit the homes of … Read More

Getting Power to Your Garden Shed Office

July 16, 2024 |

If you have jumped on the band wagon in creating a unique space for your home office, you’re likely know thinking about the practicalities of doing so.

A growing trend is to think outside the home and convert … Read More

Why You Need to Maintain the Trucks in Your Business

July 16, 2024 |

When you have a business, it’s always important to maintain every single part of it.

This also includes your fleet. Truck maintenance is an important part of the service vehicle industry, and it is vital for the success … Read More

3 Overlooked Elements When Designing A Retail Premises

July 16, 2024 |

When you’re opening a retail business, you’ll need to get quite a few things done.

One of the more notable of these is designing a retail premises that actually works for your company. As obvious as that is, it’s often … Read More

Sustainable Living Thanks To These Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home And Garden

July 16, 2024 |

Living sustainably isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsibility we owe to ourselves and the planet.

Our daily choices at home and in the garden significantly impact the environment. Adopting eco-friendly practices can lead to a healthier, more … Read More

Planning a charity event? Use our top tips!

July 15, 2024 |

Planning a charity event can be incredibly stressful! Our top tips will help give you the confidence you need to make it a success.

  1. Plan a date and stick to it

Put a date … Read More

10 simple design tips to transform your home

July 15, 2024 |

We all want our homes to look their very best. However, home design projects can be hugely time-consuming and complex to execute – which is exactly why we’ve put together this list of 10 simple home design tips!

    Read More

The top 3 winter hair issues and how to combat them!

July 15, 2024 |

The festive season is upon us and that means a whole host of parties, cosy layers, lots of delicious food and, of course, the chilly weather.

The cold temperatures, rain and wind can play havoc with your hair. … Read More

How To Exercise As A Beginner Without Hurting Yourself

July 12, 2024 |

If you’re not one for exercising on a regular basis, you’re not alone!

Many people can find it hard to keep up with a workout routine, or simply don’t place much value on hitting the gym in their … Read More

How to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

July 12, 2024 |

Have you ever wondered how your local search results could be better?

Or maybe you’ve been keeping an eye on your local SEO efforts, wondering how you can get better. Either way, it’s time to take action! Local … Read More

Mastering Construction Waste Management

July 11, 2024 |

Construction waste is a term that refers to the wide array of waste materials generated during the construction, remodelling, or demolition of buildings.

This can range from bricks, wood, metal, tiles, plaster, concrete, and much more. Understanding construction … Read More

What An Online Business Needs To Do To Get Established

July 11, 2024 |

If you want to kick start an online business of your own, there are few things you’ll have to do to get your name out there.

It’s not just a matter of having a website and posting on … Read More

Modern Men’s Wardrobe: Key Pieces Every Guy Should Own

July 11, 2024 |

Cultivating a versatile and stylish closet is a priority for every man today.

If the clothing is right a man can present himself to his advantage on all occasions – in his professional career, during leisure hours, … Read More

2018 sleep trends – what do the experts think?

July 11, 2024 |

Sleeping trends have been set for 2018. But are they really going to help you get those precious hours of shut eye?

Our experts weigh in on these trends to help ward off your sleep dramas and get … Read More

Four games that even non-gamers will like

July 11, 2024 |

Are you someone who doesn’t get the hype around video games and wonders why there are over three billion gamers around the world? You’re probably not the only one.

Gaming is a popular hobby with access to games … Read More

Creating a business plan – seven important steps

July 11, 2024 |

Creating a business plan is a crucial step for any new business owner.

It can provide the right scaffolding for taking the right steps to build your business from scratch as well as securing funding from a bank, … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Regular Building Inspections

July 9, 2024 |

Your business site is one of your most important assets.

Not only is it a place where your customers come to purchase your products or services, but it’s also a reflection of your brand. So, it’s important to … Read More

What Any New Contractor Can Do To Secure Their First Clients

July 9, 2024 |

When you think about contractors, what immediately comes to mind?

Do you think of those go-to repair or remodelers with close relationships with their clientele? Do you think of the top search results on Google? How about those … Read More

Do You Have a Problem with Smelly Drains? Here are Three Easy Ways to Deal with It

July 9, 2024 |

A bad and unpleasant odour is something that all of us can’t live with, and if you notice such a smell coming from your drains, this can be completely unacceptable.

The situation can quickly turn into a nightmare, … Read More

Build Your First Commercial Property

July 9, 2024 |

If you are venturing into the world of commercial property construction and getting ready for your first build – there is no such thing as too much information.

Constructing your first commercial building is an exciting thing, and … Read More

Tips on Marketing a New Start Up Business

July 9, 2024 |

It’s not easy to build a successful business, but it is even more complicated when starting from scratch.

If you want to be successful in the long run, your first step should be marketing. Of course, marketing can … Read More

Want to Keep your Team Safe? Here’s how you Do that in 2023

July 9, 2024 |

Keeping your team safe is so important if you want to fulfil your responsibilities as an employer.

There are various moral and legal reasons why you need to take precautions in the workplace, not to mention that … Read More

The Best Ways to Streamline Your Small Business

July 9, 2024 |

Streamlining your business could be beneficial to you if you feel as if there are currently inefficiencies that exist there.

Lots of small businesses miss out because of how inefficiently they operate from day to day. If that’s … Read More

6 Things You Should Know if you Want to Build a Successful Construction Business

July 7, 2024 |

Every business needs maintenance, continued investment, and the right strategies to thrive.

The stakes are even higher if you own a construction business. However, there are many tips you can rely on to ensure you build a successful … Read More

Creating a Cozy and Fun Bedroom with the Right Kids Bed

July 5, 2024 |

Crafting a cozy and fun bedroom for kids can be an exciting project that nurtures their creativity and comfort.

A well-designed children’s bedroom not only provides a restful environment but also sparks imagination and play. Choosing the right … Read More

4 Essential Things to Remember When Doing Renovations

July 5, 2024 |

When you get the opportunity to renovate your home it becomes just as exciting as when it was when you bought it.

But when renovating there are some considerations you need to remember, so to ensure your project … Read More

How To Ensure Your Ecommerce Business Runs Smoothly

July 5, 2024 |

Ecommerce is an excellent business to get into if you know what you’re doing.

It takes time and patience to make it big so go slow and make sure you know what you’re doing and getting into before … Read More

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