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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2020

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10 Top Tips for Radical Savings on Clothing

10 Top Tips for Radical Savings on Clothing

Who doesn’t like to save? Especially, when it comes to fashionable clothing, people are always interested to still look stunning while saving some of their huge bucks.

Isn’t it? But, unfortunately, mostly the price tags of top-brands seem to be quite high! In such a scenario, you need to act smart and thus you would be able to save a lot of your pounds.

Here are the ten most effective tips for you through which you can save a lot while shopping the best apparels in the market.

Just take a glance over!

1. Shop opposite to the seasons

You might get excited to buy a fluffy sweater when it is almost single digit outside, but this seems to be not so smart. Instead, you should act a little bit different and buy opposite to what the season demands. For example, buying the same sweater during summers can save a lot of your bucks. It’s because at that point of time people won’t be in a rush to buy winter clothing. So, there’s a fair chance that you will end up fetching a remarkably cheap rate.

2 .Go for the online sales

The concept of online shopping has become a really buzzing one. People really love to bag their favourite products while browsing on the internet. With the rise of digital shopping, the availability of online deals and offers are even increasing day by day. And the websites like Dealslands UK always adds a star to everything. All that you need to do is just find the right discount code at the right time. So, just browse through such voucher sites more often and grab your desired discount to save your pocket.

3. Do a little DIY

Do you think I am asking you to make your own clothes? Well, not at all! Instead, you can just learn the basics of sewing and thus you would be able to save on clothes. For example, if you know how to sew, you can fix the popped up button of a shirt by yourself rather than buying a whole new one. Also, when it comes to hemming your pants and jeans, a lot of saving can be done!

4. Borrow the one-time dresses

If you think that you will wear a particular dress only in a party and never again! Don’t go for purchasing it. Rather, you can borrow one from any of your friends, if she is having it. You will definitely save a lot of your bucks and also it will not take an unnecessary space in your closet.

5. Spend on a chic swimsuit

A swimsuit is something that doesn’t come very cheap. And the ones which don’t cost more are definitely not of high quality. So, instead of buying multiple bikinis in every summer you can buy a single classy one. In doing so, you don’t have to spend again and again. But, the costly one you will have in your closet can be worn for years with some simple washing and ironing of course.

6. Check out the men’s section

If you are a woman, you must be knowing the fact that women apparels generally have a high price tag than the men’s ones. So, you might be a lady but if you are looking for something universal like a T-shirt or trousers, just explore the men’s racks at the stores first rather than directly jumping into the women section.

7.Buy what fits you now

You might think that to buy a dress which is a couple of sizes smaller than your current size will be a smart thing in case you are hoping to lose some weight soon. Trust me, it is definitely not a great idea. Do you know why?

Well, those dresses might fit you later on but there is a remarkable chance that you might no longer like them if they go out of trend. Also, you might not end up losing the extra pounds as per your expectations. In such case, the amount that you’ve spend will go totally in vain. So, always go for such apparels which fit you the most.

8. Don’t be impulsive about shopping

You might often hop into a shopping mall and suddenly buy something that entices you with a credit card in your hand. Well, it might give your instant pleasure but in the long run, it will hamper your budget. So, always make sure that you are sticking to your budget and having a control on your mind whenever you are out for shopping.

9. Be a friend with a salesperson 

If you believe in shopping in-store, make sure that you are maintaining a friendly relationship with the salespeople of the store that you shop often from. In that case, you will always have an update about the upcoming deals and how to save effectively in that store.

10. Don’t go for flash sales

Yes! You might think that it would be great to shop when there is a flash sale going on to save huge bucks. But, No! That’s not right. While shopping for such sales, you might end up buying something in a hurry that you actually don’t need. In the long run, those dresses will become waste and you have to again spend to buy the right ones.

So, next time when you go for shopping clothes for yourself, keep these tips in your mind. I am sure you will save your pocket like never before.


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