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Iceni Magazine | April 24, 2024

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4 Ways to Improve Hygiene in Your Company (That Won’t Break the Bank)

4 Ways to Improve Hygiene in Your Company

The cleanliness of your workplace says a lot about you as a company.

If “keeping house” isn’t one of your significant concerns, it can lead to errors, health concerns and more down the line. Plus, if you have customers or clients visit the premises, the likelihood is that poor hygiene standards won’t be appealing all around. But more than this, having employees work in conditions that can impair their health and abilities can be dangerous for everyone concerned.

The following four ways can help you improve and stay on top of your hygiene standards.

Invest In Easy To Clean Materials and Fittings

Replacing flooring, wall coverings or frequently touched areas with easier to clean materials will make it easier for you to keep things clean. Durable surfaces from Cladding Monkey can offer easy to clean surfaces for many areas of a building, office or retail unit.

If your business produces any foodstuff, meals or otherwise, making sure the area is well-presented is key to keeping your hygiene standards up. But more importantly, you need to make sure that the surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. You can do this by using a material such as PVC, which is easier to clean than other materials. Using microbial coatings on high traffic areas or items that are handled a lot can reduce the risk of bacteria transfer (shopping trolleys, baskets, door handles etc., will benefit from this).

Have A Cleaning Schedule In Place

One of the best things you can do for your company is to have a cleaning schedule in place. This means having times when certain areas are cleaned and other times when certain employees are responsible for cleaning specific areas.

A cleaning schedule will help to keep your workplace looking good and make it easier for employees to know where they need to be at any given time. It also helps ensure everyone knows who is doing what as different people may be assigned various tasks on other days.

Hire A Dedicated Cleaner or Cleaning Company

An easier way you can improve hygiene in your company is to hire a dedicated cleaner or cleaning company. This will go a long way to help with the day to day cleanliness of your workplace and offices. Your employees will be more productive when they know they are working in a clean, professional environment.

One of the best benefits of hiring someone else to do your cleaning is that there is no longer any pressure on your employees to do it themselves. This can lead to them feeling undervalued, frustrated and even unproductive.

A cleaner or cleaning company for your business will also mean that an expert can be responsible for the deep cleans and heavy-duty work that you may not have time for or resources for. If you have many time constraints and staff shortages, this could be a good solution for you too!

Set Rules for Employees regarding Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Educate your employees on the guidelines that should be followed in the workplace. If you want your company to stay clean and healthy, then it’s essential to set rules for employees. For example, make sure everyone has a designated place to store their lunch so they don’t leave crumbs all over the floor.

Ensure you provide facilities and supplies for employees to maintain hygiene levels, such as having rubbish bins placed in easily accessible areas, hand soap and towels for hand washing, cleaning products for employees to use and items to help clear up spills and messes quickly. Set out what you expect of employees and enforce all hygiene rules at all times.

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