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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Planning a charity event? Use our top tips!

Planning a charity event? Use our top tips!

Planning a charity event can be incredibly stressful! Our top tips will help give you the confidence you need to make it a success.

  1. Plan a date and stick to it

Put a date in your diary, discuss it with key people first of course, and stick to it. It is so easy for one person to chirp up that the date isn’t convenient because it’s their dog’s seventh birthday or it’s the anniversary of the second date they went on without the children. Changing a date can negatively impact attendance, so sticking to the original plan is always best.

  1. Get people booked well in advance

Whatever event you’re planning, it’s almost certain that you will need to book a variety of people to attend. From performers to stallholders, face painters to first aid, plan out exactly what you need and contact people with the secure date as early as possible. It is useful to get people to sign a contract if you are paying them. The last thing you need is last minute cancellations, which are made easier by not having firm arrangements in place. Furthermore, if people are paying you to have a stall, get payment in advance. Chasing money on the day is a pain and one you do not need. Knowing that they have prepaid is also something that puts people off being no shows.

  1. Get insurance

Problems occur. They are unfortunate, but should be anticipated. Having events insurance means that you won’t be out of pocket for certain circumstances. Even if nothing happens, knowing you are covered will give you peace of mind and you might even get a few more hours’ sleep in the run up to the event!

  1. Advertising

Good old fashioned advertising in addition to the use of social media is imperative for the success of events. Posters in local shops and on lampposts (check the council rules first though!) will draw people’s attention to whatever you’re planning. If you are advertising on Facebook, tag other pages who are involved with your event. This has the potential to increase engagement as more people will see your event. What’s more, the businesses involved will hopefully share your posts and discuss the event.

Don’t forget to send editorials to the local press in order to get publicity that way as well. Encouraging them to come out on the day, to take photographs and soak up the atmosphere, is a great idea too.

  1. Merchandise

Think about what could sell or be given away as part of your event. From charity wristbands from Lancaster Printing, which are fun, colourful and eye-catching, to stickers you’ve printed off yourself, these merchandise items will certainly help to raise awareness of your cause at the event and perhaps even beyond.

  1. Sell tickets in advance

Selling tickets in advance instead of relying on all being sold on the door on the day will really reduce your stress levels. It can be really nerve wracking to think that no one might show or that the 800 people who replied ‘going’ on Facebook might actually not bother at all.


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