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Iceni Magazine | July 20, 2024

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Regular Building Inspections

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Regular Building Inspections

Your business site is one of your most important assets.

Not only is it a place where your customers come to purchase your products or services, but it’s also a reflection of your brand. So, it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Part of maintaining your business site is having regular inspections done to look for any potential building code violations. You can do this by walking through yourself and making notes, or you can utilise aerial drone photography to help capture every inch for a thorough inspection. Here are five reasons why you should make sure to have regular building inspections done at your business:

To Comply With Local Building Codes

Most municipalities have codes that businesses must follow in order to operate legally. These codes cover various topics, from fire safety to handicap accessibility. When an inspector comes to your business, they will look to see if you comply with all the local codes. If you’re not, you could be facing some hefty fines.

To Prevent Safety Hazards

Another reason you need to have regular building inspections is to prevent potential safety hazards, such as asbestos. Asbestos removals are highly specialised and can only be done by professionals. Other safety hazards can include electrical faults, which can pose a serious fire risk. Electrical safety in a building can be incredibly important, and regular maintenance to identify any issues is recommended. Implementing the use of an infrared camera to conduct thermal imaging inspections can be a useful tool in finding any problems with faulty wiring and overloaded circuits. This can result in a beneficial preventative measure for any electrical failures and fires.

To Keep Your Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have regular building inspections done, you could be putting your insurance coverage at risk. Most insurance policies require businesses to have up-to-date inspections in order to remain covered. So, if something were to happen at your business and you didn’t have the most recent inspection report, your insurance company could deny your claim. In addition, if you have employees who are injured on site or become ill due to a health hazard at work, you could be facing a workers’ compensation claim, which could go badly for you if you do not have up-to-date building inspection reports.

To Avoid Costly Repairs

Regular building inspections can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Inspectors will look for things like water damage, structural issues, and pest infestations. If they catch these problems early on, they can usually be repaired relatively cheaply. However, if you wait until the problems are severe, you could be facing some expensive repairs. Therefore, keeping up with regular inspections and saving yourself some money, in the long run, is crucial.

To Maintain Your Property Value

If you own the property where your business is situated and plan on selling your property at some point, it’s important to keep up with regular building inspections. This is because potential buyers will often have their own inspector come to look at the property before making an offer, and if there are any major problems with the building, it could negatively impact the value of your property. By keeping up with regular inspections, you can be sure that any potential problems are caught early and repaired before they have a chance to cause serious damage and devalue your property.

As you can see, it is evident that there are many good reasons why your business needs to have regular building inspections. So contact a reputable inspection company today to schedule an inspection for your commercial property.

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