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Iceni Magazine | August 12, 2022

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4 time-saving ways to balance your work life.

4 time-saving ways to balance your work life.

It can often feel like time is actually getting shorter in these busy modern lives we lead.

Obviously the days are still the same length they have ever been, but we seem to be required to squeeze more and more into the time we have available. Developing efficient ways to enhance your work-life balance is essential in performing at your best level, and giving yourself opportunities to enjoy time off with family, friends, and doing the things you enjoy. High are four simple methods that can be easily incorporated into your life.

Time management is an absolutely essential skill to develop. Rather than just relying on a mental idea of what you need to get done, where things can easily be forgotten, external tools can help greatly in this regard. Prioritizing your tasks for the day using lists and diaries, then crossing them off as you complete them, will ensure that you never miss anything. There are many essential tools available for workers where you can design your own personalised diary to help manage your schedule.

Our time is limited, and so is our energy. Try and avoid activates and situations that drain your energy. One example is lying in bed late at night playing with our phones. This is a common occurrence in our lives and can easily cut into your sleep time. Every now and then may not be a problem, but regularly missing sleep over time can seriously diminish your energy, make you less effective in your jobs and make you less pleasant to be around for your family and friends.

Structuring break times into your schedule can also help balance your work-life. Research has shown that some tasks are completed more efficiently when performed in bursts of intense effort, interspersed with regular short breaks. Breaks can also give you the chance to clear your head, help you look at a problem from a different angle and decrease stress levels. An excellent activity to do during a break is take a walk, which can help recharge your internal batteries, get you out in the fresh air and it brings with it a multitude of health benefits.

In this day and age, distractions and interruptions have some of the worst negative effects on productivity. The internet being an obvious example. Try and keep non work related internet use to a minimum, or better, try to phase it out altogether when you are working. One thing can lead to another and all of a sudden you notice that half an hour has gone missing. The same goes for mobile phones which are one the biggest distractions we have. Aim to keep non work related emailing, internet and phone use for your scheduled break times only to maximise productivity.


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