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Iceni Magazine | May 12, 2021

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Confidence 24-7

Confidence 24-7

The Assure is a ground breaking personal alert system that monitors wellbeing for 24 hours a day throughout a person’s home and garden.

It connecting the wearer to their family and friends just when they need it. 

Acticheck have taken the best of internet technology to create a system that fits seamlessly with modern life whilst providing excellent levels of protection.

6 people over 65 have a fall every minute in the UK and can happen to even the most confident and able individuals. The Assure allows users to go about their daily tasks with the confidence that whatever happens their help is at hand. 


As well as the user, family and friends can be confident that if anything untoward does happen they’ll be informed and they can also get an email to confirm loved ones are up and active each day. The Assure is an award-winning wristband with a one year battery life, so no need to recharge. It has a stylish base station with excellent home & garden coverage that just needs an internet connection. Once the user has chosen the people who will make up their personal responder network and your coverage is complete.

As well as having SOS buttons and listening for signs of a fall, the Assure offers unique wellness checks where the wristband buzzes at chosen times asking the wearer to confirm they don’t want help by pressing a button on the band. These give everyone positive assurance of the wearers wellbeing without pestering them.

If there is an emergency we use the latest in automated call technology to call responders until one confirms they can help. 

The Acticheck Assure costs £199.17 to £239 on a year plan.



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