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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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The importance of teaching young people how to code

The importance of teaching young people how to code

Coding is programming a computer to understand commands given by the user.

A large number of devices now rely on computers to function, and coding is used across almost every industry.

With digital technology only set to increase in the next few years, the industry will need a generation of skilled coders and programmers to support the advancement. The industry is already growing 2.5 faster than the rest of the economy. Teaching young people how to code will set them up for the future and give them the skills needed to enter this wide sector.

We’ll discuss the uses of coding, and the type of career young people can expect to enter.

What is coding used for?

There are many different types of coding including HTML, Scala, JavaScript and Python, all used for a variety of functions. If a device has a computer, it will have been programmed by someone to perform the required tasks.

There are thousands of applications that coding can be used across such as developing operating systems, programming an appliance, gaming, playing music through an app or controlling a car’s air conditioning.

How coding has become increasingly important

Computer science is likely to dominate in the next decade, meaning a surplus of jobs and not enough skilled employees. Other seemingly unrelated industries are also likely to rely heavily on coding as they become even more IT based. These include banking, health and social care and retail.

There are many opportunities for those proficient in coding, especially as the market will fall in favour of the job seekers. Careers could involve network administration, web development, software development and analytics.

Tools to learn coding

There are many tools available to assist with learning to code, aimed specifically at beginners. For example, a micro:bit can help young people get into coding, providing a fun and easy way to experiment with programming. There are also many starter kits on the market which allow those new to the technology to create exciting projects. There are add-ons that can be purchased once someone has the basic knowledge and wants to progress to more advanced builds.

Plenty of learning resources can be found online including tutorials, ideas and courses, depending how serious you are at wanting to learn to code.

Whilst it’s the younger generation who’ll need to utilise their skills in coding technology, it’s also a responsibility of parents, teachers and mentors to encourage children to start to experiment with STEM learning and discover the fun in programming. By making the subject interactive and engaging, the industry will be able to welcome many skilled workers in the future.

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