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Iceni Magazine | September 26, 2021

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Importance of Teaching College Students How to Write Effectively

Importance of Teaching College Students How to Write Effectively

Sometimes students do not understand why they need to write long essays and learn how to compose texts.

In our time, it is generally accepted to refer to thoughts, ideas, and words in the form of images and short phrases. At first glance, it seems easier and faster. But the ability to briefly formulate a thought or publish a photo on the Internet does not teach you a lot of other useful skills, which are essential for a successful future. In this article, we will discuss why it is essential to know how to write correctly for students. But if you will keep thinking that university writing is boring, you can ask professionals from a research paper writing service to prepare a custom-written project for you and get it as fast as possible.

Teaches to Think

When writing long compositions, a person stimulates a thought process. Very often, it is difficult for us to say something out loud or to formulate a thought. The written text helps us to fix all the ideas that appear in the head. You can distinguish the main idea. While writing, the whole brain is included in the work. Everyone knows that the brain is divided into two halves, each of which is responsible for certain moments. So, the right side of the brain is for creativity, intuition, and abilities. The left is logical and mathematical thinking. While writing, both hemispheres of the brain are equally involved.

Great Memory Training

The next important point that should make everyone write is the fact that this work significantly improves memory. And this is essential since a huge amount of information passes through a person. And it is increasingly difficult to cope with it nowadays.

When writing a university paper, a person not only looks through the necessary information but also tries to remember a lot of things to remember later. Studying statistical data, we can draw a simple conclusion that among writers, there is a tiny percentage of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Intuition Development

People who write a lot have much better intuition. They can feel something that is not subject to the rest. We can draw a simple conclusion that intuition can be developed in such a way. To do this, you just need to start writing university papers.

Distraction From Problems

A paper is a separate world with all its rules and features. Going into writing, a person is so absent from the reality that he can penetrate into another world. This is a world that is no longer accessible to anyone. It can easily distract you from some problems.

You Can Learn a lot While Writing

If you are going to sit down for writing, you need to think and research everything you will write about carefully. Further, during the development of your ideas, it is necessary to come up with something new and extraordinary. And it often happens that a writer simply learns from his research and uses new knowledge and skills in real life.

An Essay is The Realization of Your Desires

Everyone has their own desires and needs. But, unfortunately, most of them are hard to obtain. Having started writing a paper, you can try to create the world you want for yourself on the pages. This is useful since this is how you can feel all the joy and happiness you desire. In addition, sometimes, it can motivate you to put your dreams in reality. Or it can help you to build a plan for future actions. 

Benefits For Health

Well, at the very end I want to say that the process of writing is very good for health. During this work, the brain is activated, which is already good. If there are problems in life, then writing is one of the best means to cope with longing and adversity. Or at least temporarily leave them in a different world.

And If everything is good in life, then writing is a great way to sublimate the unstoppable energy, when all emotions and moods pour into the text, making it as colorful and rich as possible. Both the paper is good, and the person has excellent emotional discharge.

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