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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2020

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Technology vs Teachers

Technology vs Teachers

Technology has evolved how teachers are engaging with their students within the classroom over the past 20 years, especially with the introduction of smart devices being used on a daily basis.

There has been a lot of stigma around technology when combined with teaching, with some people worried that it might replace teachers. There’s no substitute for traditional teaching methods and it’s still important that students get a human first experience in the classroom. Technology can however aid with teaching and allow teachers to focus more on creating a great environment for their students. Randstad, a recruitment specialist put together some facts and research around teacher’s vs technology and what we might be likely to see in the future.

Smart Learning

With the introduction of devices that can talk to each other, from voice assistants in the home, smart devices and remote access via apps there are so many ways to connect. It’s only a matter of time before the classroom is a truly smart learning space where teachers can get creative with technology to help engage and interact with their students. This can aid learning and help evolve the teaching experience. Randstad predict that the ‘smart school’ is something that will include some devices being used as beacons and sensors which can help to creatively change the teaching experience.

On demand teaching

Virtual technology is still taking off and in the future it’s likely we’ll see a way for teachers and students to interact outside of the classroom through virtual teaching. This could help to take the strain off teachers for some teaching elements and allow them to spend more time in the classroom engaging with their students. Also introducing the element of chat support might help when students need assistance outside of school hours for topics or assignments. Teaching jobs will always be in demand but introducing the aid of virtual teachers means any questions or teaching that can easily be delivered outside the classroom can be done so easily.

Automation Aid

A lot of teaching time is taken up with admin, a lot of which could benefit from being automated or aided with technology. Aid doesn’t mean replace, it just means that teachers will be able to save time on tasks that take up a lot of time. With a lot of the work load taken off them from manual processes, they can concentrate on the human first aspect of teaching and allow them to get creative with their teaching style, which can help to aid students getting the important personal and social skills they need later in life.

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