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Iceni Magazine | September 26, 2021

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How to Write an Effective Essay

How to Write an Effective Essay

Whether you are writing your first essay or your hundredth, you want the best grade possible and you want your essay to stand out.

There are many things an essay needs to be effective including; a good introduction and conclusion, a solid structure and reliable references. Having your essay flow and stick to the subject, using the correct grammar and punctuation as well as using credible sources of evidence is what will get your marks into the highest categories regardless of the course you are taking. Using scrivener writing software will assist you in making sure your work is to a high standard in all areas.

A Good Beginning and End

Just like a story, to get the reader hooked, an essay must have a good beginning in which you understand what the text is going to be about, and a solid ending, which lets the reader know the essay is finished and draws it to a close. One hack that many students use is writing the introduction after they have written the essay.

This may seem like you are going backwards but you can then include the main points that are in your essay, meaning it will be clear, concise and includes everything your essay goes through- a perfect introduction. A conclusion should bring all these points together in a logical way for the reader to know the essay is at an end.

Grammar and Punctuation

This is something a lot of students lose unnecessary marks for, whether it be a comma in the wrong place or a misspelling of a word. When writing an essay, do not just rely on spellcheck. You may have written a word that is spelled correctly, but it may not be the word you want it to be. Continue reading over your essay as you are writing to help identify mistakes, and perhaps have a family member or friend to proofread. They do not have to understand the content to spot a grammatical error. If grammar and punctuation is something you really struggle with, perhaps you should look at using an academic essay writing service such as Academic Paper. Their essay writing service comes with fine proofreading so you can ensure your essay has been triple checked for any mistakes.


Referencing can be extremely difficult and different institutions may follow a slightly different referencing scheme. One of the main referencing sources most universities follow is the Harvard referencing system. With referencing, practice is key. You may want to take a referencing workshop that most education facilities will offer students for free, to improve your skills. You also need to choose reliable sources. Newspapers or magazines may be biased but can offer some good points. Journals and books that the library offer are usually the best choices for referencing, and don’t forget to check your reading lists, as universities will favour these when looking at references used throughout your essay.

Each of us have an individual style of writing and some find it harder than others to get their thoughts onto paper. Taking classes in writing can help, but mostly it is about practicing until we find our feet. Personal tutors are there to look at your work and although they can’t give you the answer, they are able to point you in the right direction.

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