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Iceni Magazine | August 3, 2021

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How Local Businesses Are Meeting Their Fuel Needs When Faced With Rising Prices

How Local Businesses Are Meeting Their Fuel Needs When Faced With Rising Prices

Prices always go up, that’s just a depressing reality in life, whether we like it or not.

But just because fuel is always going to be increasing in price doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of cost-saving and being more efficient and you will be surprised how a range of different measures can add up to make a real and significant saving for your business.

Make Sure That The Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Are Used

Indeed, all vehicles are not equal in terms of fuel efficiency and this can be looked at in various ways. If you use electric vehicles then you are avoiding paying the high fuel duty on petrol and diesel cars. If you can use smaller vehicles as large engines clearly use more fuel, and if possible use newer vehicles which tend to have more fuel-efficient engines.

For Larger Firms Consider Alternative Methods

There are different ways to power your business and if you are a large organisation look at ways of using these different methods. A good example of this is harnessing waste heat from production as a form of electricity production as this energy was literally going to float off into the atmosphere and can now be turned into a useful commodity. Or if such grand plans are out of your reach then even something as simple as buying in your heating oil for businesses in bulk?

What About On-Site Renewables?

If you have enough land on your business premises then why not consider installing your own on-site renewables? You could look at a solar field to produce electricity for your premises and offices. Or why not have your very own wind turbine installed if you get enough breeze where you are.

Is Public Transport An Option?

Do you offer company cars to a number of your employees? That’s a good perk but if they are office-based and don’t often travel to appointments is this a wise investment? You could consider offering to pay for the costs of their public transport as an alternative to this, saving money and being more environmentally friendly at the same time. Obviously, you may still need cars on occasions and there is a whole range of flexible rental and hire options that you can take advantage of when needed and avoid the regular expense of keeping company cars.

Cycle To Work Schemes

You could also offer a cycle to work scheme where employees can get money towards buying a bike or even cove the whole cost of buying the bike, and there is a government-backed cycle to work scheme that’s available locally right here in Norfolk, and any business can apply and get the benefit of this for you and your employees. As well as being a money saver this can help the health and productivity of your people, as it’s been said that employees who walk or cycle to work feel fresh and energised in their jobs.

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