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Iceni Magazine | May 29, 2022

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4 Layout Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

perfect bathroom

Planning a perfect bathroom remodel is tough. A lot needs to come together in a tight space. Bathrooms can go from sparse to crowded very quickly, each addition has an oversized impact because the room is smaller than other parts of a house.

Bathrooms need to have enough storage and space to accommodate homeowners’ needs but be open enough that people don’t feel cramped inside. They need to be able to breathe and appreciate the design and finishes without them being too in your face. Layout planning is so critical in bathrooms. Layouts dictate freedom of movement, how the room will be used, and what can fit inside. The right layout optimizes even the smallest bathrooms. They make them a source of calm and relaxation instead of stress. Homeowners love a great bathroom for good reason. It’s where we often start and end our days. We want bathrooms to be peaceful, to get us in the right mood for the day and help us wind down in the evenings. Choosing the right layout will help make a bathroom more beautiful. Here are four great ideas to nail your bathroom layout just right.

  1. Natural Light for the Luxury Bathroom

Decades ago, a lot of bathrooms were closed off to the outside world. Recent interior design trends, though, encourage the use of natural light in bathroom layout planning. If your house plan allows, try to position the bathroom on a wall where you can access a large window looking outdoors. The amount of natural light coming inside will totally change how you feel in your bathroom. Natural light is a perfect mood enhancer. It’ll get you going and charged up for the day ahead. Natural light also makes spaces appear larger, which is a nice added bonus for bathrooms. If you’re worried about being exposed, install some curtains or blinds that can open and close when you need some privacy. If the view allows, a great way to put a big window is right level with the top of the bathtub so you can soak as you take in the great outdoors.

When you have gotten all the natural light possible, make sure you don’t skimp on light fixtures either. Light levels in the bathroom need to be bright. People put large mirrors in bathrooms because it’s where we make sure we’re looking put together. Put yourself in the best possible light by getting quality light fixtures. If you want to allow some light changes, install an adjustable light switch that can brighten and dim depending on your mood and the time of day.

  1. Wet and Dry Zones

Planning the perfect bathroom layout should include some thought into wet and dry zones. Before you put a hammer to anything, think about where the floor and other things in the vicinity will be getting wet. You don’t want to position a wall-mounted magazine rack right next to the shower door. Likewise, it’s smarter to locate wet zones away from the bathroom door to minimize the amount of water being tracked into other areas of the house. You’ll be able to shower and get ready for work without having to worry about wet socks. Separating wet and dry zones also makes the bathroom more efficient. Two people can be inside, one showering and the other brushing teeth without water getting everywhere.

You want to keep the toilet away from wet zones when possible. No one likes sitting on a wet toilet seat, and wet toilet paper is basically impossible to use. You can avoid throwing money on toilet paper and magazines down the drain by keep the toilet in a dry zone. Also, one more tip, consider line of sight when positioning the toilet. It’s advisable to keep the toilet out of direct line of sight from the door. It’s an unpleasant surprise for both parties when someone enters unannounced. If possible, install a drywall partition in the bathroom with the toilet inside to increase privacy for whoever is using the bathroom.

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Countertops

When most people think of a beautiful, well designed bathroom, they envision pristine toilets and showers, a luxury bath, and clean, crisp countertops. Most remodels dedicate a lot of resources to toilets, tubs and showers. Countertops need to be right up there to get your bathroom that luxury feel. There are a lot of different styles and materials to choose from with countertops, but quartz is a great choice that’s very popular these days. Quartz is a very durable material that will last decades. One of the best things about quartz countertops is that they are very customizable. Quartz countertops are made from crushed stone with color and other resins mixed in. That means there’s a wider range of colors, shades and shapes to choose from. Spend enough on the countertops so you’ll smile every day when you walk into your new bathroom. You’ll notice how great they look each time you reach for the toothbrush or move to grab a bar of soap.

  1. Planning Effective Storage Spaces

Storage spaces in the bathroom come at a premium. In most normal-sized homes, the bathroom allows for some storage under the sink, a couple towel racks, and make a shelf or two. When you’re already working with limited resources, maximizing them with a good floor plan is essential. Recent design trends favor sleek minimalist shelving spaces and cabinets. They add more of a luxury feel to the bathroom and keep things nice and sleek. One thing to consider is building niche storage spaces into walls if the space allows. Recessed drywall is a great place to store toiletries, fresheners, some flowers or other small items. If you can make the space big enough, niche storage can also frame a nice piece of art to beautify your bathroom. Small accent art pieces are a welcome touch in bathrooms that are so often fairly spartan when it comes to decorations.


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