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Iceni Magazine | June 5, 2020

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5 Home Improvement Tips


A home mainly brings out the actual personality of its occupants. It is the desire of every homeowner to renovate and upgrade their home quickly and in an affordable manner. Interior designing plays a pivotal role in determining the appearance and colour that best suits a specific house. Moreover, the interior designs show the personality of the owner to a great extent.

Whether a homeowner plans to put their home on sale or just wish to improve their homes’ appearance and functionality, much is gained through home improvement Here are 5 home improvement tips that can help homeowners save their time and money while simultaneously upgrading their homes’ general appearance.

Wall Painting

Painting the walls has been proven to be quick ways of making old rooms have a brand new appearance. Though repainting the entire house can be tedious and may consume a lot of time, painting one wall in every room is quicker and easier to achieve. To achieve a new appearance, the homeowner should select a colour of their choice but ensure that it is brighter than the colour on the remaining unpainted walls. It is advisable to lay some tape on the floors to make sure that the floors are kept free of the fresh paint.

Windows Replacement

Windows play a significant role in the home since they let in natural light into the house. Moreover, they regulate the temperatures inside the house. Thus, if the house feels chilly in winter or strangely warm in summer, replacing the windows with new ones can improve the situation significantly. Since there are new window designs and technologies that are trendy, replacing the old windows with the new trendy ones gives the house a spectacular appearance. Thus, replacing the windows is among the most practical top 5 home improvement tips.

The Ceiling

The ceiling takes up a high percentage of space in the house and improving the appearance and design of the ceiling can give the home a new look. Fixing some of the visible flaws on the ceiling is essential in the improvement of the general appearance of the house. Getting artistic with the ceiling gives the house a contemporary appearance giving the home a significant makeover.


A cluttered house makes it appear less appealing. An easy way to improve the appearance is to get rid of the clutter and put the house in order. The introduction of hangers, shelves, and shoe racks helps in the organization of clothes and shoes in the house.

Bathroom Remodeling

In case a homeowner wants to put their house on sale, remodeling the bathroom plays a crucial role in adding value to the house. The design of the bathroom determines the way potential buyers view the functionality of the house. Thorough cleaning of the floors and walls is important to remove molds and any other unwanted substances. The washroom should also be repainted to give it a fresh appearance. Replacing the shower curtain and addition of different towels is essential in the improvement of the bathroom.

The appearance of the bathroom can also be improved by putting up pictures on the walls and installing modern sinks, shower heads, and bathtub. The designs of the bathroom mirror and tempering glass on the bathroom sinks add colour and warmth to the bathroom. Thus, cleaning, repainting, and remodeling are the quick and easy ways of improving the washroom.

These are the top 5 home improvement tips that can be done quickly at affordable prices. They are guaranteed to improve the general appearance of the house making it durable and in the case of selling they increase its value. If you are not able to spare some time for your home improvement chores, you can simply seek help from

Article By Lauren Williamson


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