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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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Electric Boilers Save Energy and Add Value To Your Property

Electric Boilers Save Energy and Add Value To Your Property

For many residential and business properties, the question of gas or electric energy is one of cost.

While it is fundamentally true that per unit to unit costs, gas is slightly less expensive than electricity. When all the factors are considered, electricity is actually more economical. Gas requires extra precautions and a gas certification in cases of rental properties, whereas electricity does not require this extra material or external costs; therefore, the overall cost of electricity is lower than that of gas. This is especially true when it comes to boilers. Electric boilers are far more economical in the long run and they do not require other materials or extra maintenance as gas boilers do.

Central Heating And Hot Water

Electric boilers that are designed to pull double duty in providing heating and hot water to the residence adds even more value to the overall home. By placing two energy requirements together, this type of boiler eliminates the need of a second boiler to provide a single service and thus saves money in terms of investment and running costs. Additionally, heat is reused and not wasted meaning less of an overall energy loss that contributes to the cost savings as less power is required to heat the same amount of water. In homes that do not need a combi boiler and only require hot water delivery, a standard electric boiler can be used in which the same cost savings can be realized because these units are more efficient than older units and again, have low maintenance cost than those of gas. Compareย business energy quotesย and find the best rates possible for your establishment.

Saves Money While Providing For Safety

Gas boilers require, as an extra precaution, the placement of carbon monoxide alarms within the vicinity in order to detect any CO that might be coming from a bad boiler. With electric boilers, there is no danger of a bad burner causing an emission of CO into the residence. As long as the boiler is properly installed, electric boilers represent no hazard to the home as even during a power situation, the boiler is protected by the internal wiring of the home. By installing a boiler that uses electricity, you remove a failure point in the home and thus make it safer. This can be of significant value, especially when retrofitting a home for sale. If you find yourself having troubles with a faulty boiler, maybe it’s time to look around for new boiler quotes.

Steady Supply Of Hot Water

Another contrast between electric and gas boiler is the lag time required to heat the same amount of water. Gas, by its nature, loses some of the energy in the form of non-radiant heat that is expelled by the burning process. Not whole of this heat is applied to the water vessel. In the case of electric, the entire energy is directed towards heating the water and thus less energy is required to produce the same amount of hot water. This further represents a cost-saving as more units of gas are required to elevate the same amount of water to temperature.

Regardless of retrofitting an older residence or property or for new construction, Electric Boilers Company has the boilers to fit your requirements. With years of experience in providing electric boilers, these professionals are committed to providing the customer service excellence to get your job done right and on time. From contractors to private installations, these boilers are designed to offer value and service at a reasonable investment.

Article byย Lauren Williamson


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