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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Winter Activities to Keep Elderly People Warm


Despite grey winter weather, it is possible to enjoy some fun activities and this goes for elderly people too.

The tendency is to keep them all bundled up inside but they too need to let loose and enjoy themselves like everyone else. There are a number of winter activities to keep elderly people warm that will also warm their hearts.

For the love of art

As long as they dress warmly, elderly people can go out. A trip to various events related to art and culture would be quite enjoyable to them. This could be a trip to an art gallery where they can browse the works of different artists. During the festive season, challenge them to make some decorations for the Christmas tree. Take them to an art shop and let them choose items to use for their art project. They will love having something to show that they made themselves. Those who wish can take up projects like making jewelry with beads or other embellishments. Others can go for knitting or crocheting projects. To keep mementos of the day out, encourage those with an interest in photography to capture the moments of the day.

Musically speaking

Elderly people are also sidelined when it comes to activities to do with music. Take elderly people back in time with a music event where the theme is the 60s, 70s or 80s. They could have some surprising moves to show you when they hear their old favourites playing. There are places that host music events with different themes. Or, organize such as event at a home that cares for elderly people.


Other winter activities to keep elderly people warm are those related to games and sports. Again, it is easy to discount older people when it comes to sports but there are those that they can safely participate in and enjoy. Indoor games like bowling, pool, board games, and card games like solitaire are great ways for them to socialize and pass the time enjoyably. Those who are strong enough can participate in gentle sports like swimming which can be done in indoor, heated pools, and hiking which can be kept short and on safe trails when it is not snowing or raining outside. Even a walk to a nearby park or to the community centre would be refreshing.

The written word

Books are a novel idea for the elderly. However, for a change from just staying indoors reading, develop their interest in books further by having them get out and socialize with other book lovers by joining a book club. If you are taking care of a number of elderly people, consider starting a book club for them. Also, use the internet to find book readings and meet and greet sessions with authors that they like.

All together now

Even elderly people who can’t participate in physical activities should be made to feel included. There are a number of activities that go on during winter related to the festive season and they provide a number of winter activities to keep elderly people warm. They can take part in going out to shop for gifts to be given to sick children in hospitals or those in orphanages. Helping to pick the gift, wrap them, then deliver them to the children will definitely warm their hearts. They can also take part in taking care of the needy such as by cooking for them, serving them food and spending time with them. Visits between facilities taking care of the elderly would also be heartwarming. One facility could host a Christmas party while another hosts the New Year party.

All together now

Sometimes, the challenge in coming up with winter activities to keep elderly people warm is ensuring that no one is left out, including those who use wheelchairs for mobility. It is a challenge that is easily overcome thanks to motability vehicles from GM Coachwork.

GM Coachwork UK offers several options of wheelchair access vehicles. They can be compact ones that can accommodate one wheelchair or large ones that can take more than one wheelchair passenger. The vehicles are available for sale or they can be hired as needed at very affordable rates. 

If you don’t want to get a lift installed in your house, safe and comfortable stairlifts from thyssenkrupp can enable elderly people to feel more independent in terms of their mobility.  

Article by Lauren Williamson


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