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Iceni Magazine | January 23, 2021

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Pros and Cons Of Servicing Your Own Car

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Unless you get a solid deal on Groupon or have mechanic friends, car servicing can be an expensive endeavour – this might be one reason why more and more motorists are taking car maintenance into their own hands, using websites like Unipart and doing their own yearly services. Whereas forty years ago if you wanted to service your car all you had to do was invest some cash in a Haynes manual and a socket set and away you’d go, but is this still a good idea in 2016? Here are some pros and cons of servicing your own car:

Pro: You’ll Save A Lot Of Money
You’ll save a wedge of cash on labour for a qualified mechanic by buying parts and tools yourself and getting stuck in – but bear in mind you’ll need a decent work area and a lot of free time.

Con: Your Warranty Might Be Invalidated
If you’re not a qualified mechanic, chances are that by servicing your own motor it will invalidate your warranty. Add to this the service not following the manufacturers specifications (such as getting the service completed at recommended intervals) and the parts being used for the job not being genuine or to the manufacturers specifications and the warranty will be invalidated.

If you’ve bought your car used this obviously won’t apply to you.

Pro: You Can Easily Do It (With Technology)
Thanks to some genius apps and YouTube, there are a lot of informative how to’s available for the layman to get under the bonnet with little to no mechanical experience. These will teach you everything from how to change the oil and air filters to testing battery levels and replacing headlights.

Con: Some Repairs Do Need A Professional Touch
Even if you’re confident getting your hands dirty under the bonnet, major repairs are always best done by professionals.  On top of this there are certain car parts such as the sparkplug and head-gasket that should only ever be serviced regularly and fixed at the first sign of trouble.

Pro: The Tools Are Easily Available
While most cars are different, nearly all of them are held together with nuts and bolts when it comes to the most common repairs. For this, all you really need in your toolbox are an adjustable wrench, a torque wrench, a socket set, pliers, a set of a screwdrivers and a jack. Whether you’re purchasing these tools used or new, make sure they have decent grip-handles.

Con: It Takes A Long Time
Giving your car a proper service requires a lot of space and a lot of time and if you have neither then going to a garage or dealership is the only sensible option. If you want to cut costs, you might look at buying the parts the mechanic needs and getting them to install them for you – this way you’ll only be paying for the mechanics time and it shouldn’t invalidate any warranty you might have.

Article By Lauren Williamson

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