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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2020

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Team Building Activities


Here’s What You Need to Know About Team Building Activities

Are you considering doing some team building activities with the people in your company? This would be one way to allow them to connect in a different setting. Working through team building activities can be very effective for co-workers. It can:

  • Encourage communication
  • Improve team performance
  • Increase production
  • Promote creativity
  • Encourage celebration, fun and motivation
  • Help co-workers get to know each other better

Team Building Activities Encourage Communication

Through working through team building activities, co-workers have the opportunity to communicate with one another and to improve the effectiveness of their communication. This is the number one reason that people choose team building projects and activities to encourage cooperation among themselves. If the team building activity encourages open communication between employees, and then open communication between employees and supervisors, it can them improve working relationships. This can, in turn, improve the quality of the workplace overall. For example, the team could work together to build a project with limited resources. Encouraging participants to verbalise issues during the activity calmly and professionally also helps to strengthen the effectiveness of the activity.

Team Building Activities Improve Team Performance

When communication is improved, so is the performance of the overall team. Team building activities help to increase collaboration between co-workers and encourages teamwork. After finishing an activity together, coworkers get a better idea of their teammates’ strengths, challenges, and interests. This helps them to work better together as a unit because they understand one another better.

Team Building Activities Increase Production

Because team building activities encourage competition, they can help to increase production. Healthy competition makes the employees want to work because it gives them a goal to achieve. Also, developing friendships through team building activities helps to increase productivity because it allows for co-workers to work better together to solve common issues in the workplace. This helps them to get more work done at a quicker pace.

Team Building Activities Promote Creativity

Taking your workers outside of their normal environment and normal routine will encourage them to think outside of the box more. Working with other team members can spark fresh, new ways of thinking. It can also help teammates to develop problem-solving skills, which will be useful in the workplace. Also, the more comfortable teammates are with one another, the greater their imagination can become.

Team Building Activities Encourage Celebration, Fun, and Motivation

If you are working with your teammates to overcome a difficult challenge, and you conquer that challenge, you feel victorious and you want to celebrate. Working together in competition with others, and winning the competition, can help to increase celebration and fun among co-workers. A goal to acquire, like first place, or mastery of a skill, or solving a difficult problem creates motivation for team members. Having this type of experience through team building activities will be a great platform to developing the same attitude at work.

Team Building Activities Help Co-workers Get to Know Each Other Better

Doing team building activities together helps employees to break the ice, and encourages them to trust one another a little more. Trust is essential to working together effectively. For example, employees and those in leadership working on a team building activity together help to close the gap socially, giving employees an opportunity to see the leaders as colleagues for that moment, and thus increase the morale of the employee.

These are some of the reasons that companies choose to employ services, like Wild Rosanna, for team building activities to improve the relationships of their employees, and thus the overall success of their company.

Article By Lauren Williamson

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