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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Utilising Space in a Small Bathroom

Utilising Space in a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom does not mean it has to be a purely functional space; it can be stylish too.

We bring you our top tips on how to maximise space whilst creating a room you love.

Stylish storage

There is a whole host of aesthetically pleasing options for bathroom storage out there. Sink units, also known as vanity units, which include drawers or shelves underneath, are fantastic options. They look classy and definitely make the most of the limited space. Even better would be a corner sink with added storage below. The corners of rooms are often under-utilised. Available wall space could also be used to hang storage, such as cabinets, to store towels or toiletries. Do try to minimise the number of products you have though, as this will save a huge amount of unnecessary space.

Bathroom suite

Choosing a bathroom suite takes a lot of consideration… and rightly so! You’ll be stuck with it for a considerable length of time. So, if you’re uncertain about the avocado you’ve been pondering, consider going for white: it’s plain and simple. With white, you can choose colour flashes to add a bit more interest. They’re simple to change and you’re not trapped with a colour you’ve gone off a decade later!

Lying back and relaxing in a bath after a long day in the winter can be absolute bliss. Likewise, cooling off with a cold shower on a summer’s evening can be really refreshing. If you had to choose between a shower and a bath, it would be an almost impossible decision to make. Why not consider shower baths, such as these from Bathroom Luxuries, as they offer the best of both worlds?

Towel solutions

There are so many quirky ideas out there for repurposing items for use within the home. The upcycling of a wooden stepladder into a towel holder is one of our favourites. You can also put a plant or similar on the top to add a little more interest. Alternatively, you can buy over the door towel storage. The space behind a door can be wasted, so this would make good use of it.

Some people opt for a towel rail instead of a radiator in the bathroom meaning that it has a dual purpose. It knocks out a little heat as well as drying and housing towels.

Create the illusion of space

If you simply cannot utilise any more space without the room looking cluttered, try creating the illusion of space with the addition of a large mirror. A large, plain mirror can be made to look less boring with the addition of beads, jewels, or even buttons around the outside. If the mirror has a frame, consider spray painting it for a pop of colour. Avoid painting all the walls in a dark colour. This closes the room in. Light and airy is the look you’ll want to achieve when you’re working with a small space. Consider using tiles for half of the walls throughout most of the room and then having a bright colour on one of the walls. Alternatively, stick with white throughout and add a flash of colour using accessories and wall art.

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