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Iceni Magazine | July 8, 2020

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How to Maximize Smaller Living Spaces

How to Maximize Smaller Living Spaces

There are a few clever ways to open and create the allusion of extra space no matter what room you are working with.

Whether you live in an apartment or want to squeeze more out of a small room, read my tips for smart decorating to help you maximize the appearance of space in your living areas.

Clever furniture

If you are struggling to find enough room to live in, don’t fall into the trap of overcrowding furniture to meet your needs. Instead, embrace the magic of multifunctional furniture. Clever pieces of furniture such as cabinets that can unfold into vanity dressers, and desks that can be doubled out into dining tables are the key to completely transforming the function of a room in seconds, creating two rooms from one. It is essential that every piece of furniture in your house counts if you are looking to make extra space. You might find that rather than having a large wooden coffee table dominating the living room, you can free up masses of extra ground space by buying a nest of tables which can neatly tuck under one another when you are finished using them. Futon sofas, which can be bought inexpensively and in a range of colours, are also a fantastic addition to children’s bedrooms as they can be pulled out to have friend’s sleepover, and then neatly restored when the guests leave.  

Decorative sleight of hand

Do not underestimate the age -old trick of a strategically placed mirror. When hung in the right place, they create the impression of space and reflect more light back into a room. Put them above mantelpieces, at the end of hallways and even consider placing a really big mirror against an entire wall to double the sense of space. It is best to remain minimalist in your furnishings to avoid a smaller sized room becoming too overcrowded. By using a few carefully selected furnishings and decorations you will create a contemporary and grander ambience, whilst also massively opening up the living space available to walk around in. One of my all-time favourite ways that I have seen people create a larger spatial illusion is by installing completely glass bi-folding doors. I love the idea of being able to so easily extend the room into your garden space. This is such a fantastic feature to add to any room and creates a phenomenal extension come summer time when your family can freely move between the outside and interiors of your home.

Create Cohesion

Create visual harmony and continuity to trick the eye into thinking there is more space then there actually is. Allow your rooms to transition smoothly by sticking to the same colour palette. The optimum colours to generate a sense of calmness and space are light neutrals. Consider mixing up painted walls with a subtle pattern or textured feature wallpaper to keep the room from feeling one dimensioned. Also, a great way to reinforce a sense of harmony across a space is to keep art work similarly themed. Pick out subtle colours from the artwork such as reds, blues or pinks and then choose cushions or other accessories in that hue to really tie a room together. A final tip would be to think outside of using your space horizontally and instead build upwards for installments such as book cases or kitchen cabinets. This technique will also improve the sense of height in the living space.


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