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Iceni Magazine | October 15, 2019

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Creating a Garden Fit for All the Family

Creating a Garden Fit for All the Family

When the sun starts to shine, who else has that last minute panic about the fact that the garden is nowhere near ready?

Your garden has many purposes. It’s a place for children to play; a place in which to relax and unwind; a place to socialise over barbecues; a place to watch the wildlife all around. Continue reading for our advice on how to create a multi-purpose garden, which is fit for all the family.

Patio Area

Dream of long summer evenings, sitting back on a lounger and sipping on a glass of wine or a more seasonal Pimms and lemonade. Imagine a gathering of family and friends, sitting round a table laughing, having fun, and eating charred food straight from the barbecue. These are just two reasons why your patio area needs attention. Make sure paving slabs are level (no one wants to fall off their chair!) and there’s plenty of sand between them to stop the weeds growing so easily.


Grass grows quicker in the summer months than the England national team are knocked out of whatever sporting competition they’re involved in that year! Keep it trimmed on a regular basis and make sure it is watered (if you are able to) every other day. People may suggest that you invest in fake grass, but please do consider the impact on the environment before making that leap.


Too much sun can cause sunburn and sun stroke – both of which can be avoided if you have an area of shade within your garden. The perfect option is a gazebo – it can act as a place for the children to play as well as a place in which to entertain friends. Whatever you do though, don’t forget weights for gazebos, which can be purchased easily from online stores such as Garden Camping. The last thing you want is to see all your culinary efforts going to waste through the structure trying to run away with the wind!

Safety considerations

Although it is desirable to create a garden as a place suited to everyone in the family, it is vital to consider the safety of children as their needs must come first.

Water features

Ponds and even small, shallow fountains are dangerous places for young children. To drown, it does not require a large depth of water. In fact, just a few inches are needed. So, please do avoid installing any kind of water feature in your garden until your children are older.

Dangerous plants and bushes

The thorns on roses and the prickles of holly leaves can be really painful and cause a lot of damage to youngsters. Some plants are also toxic is touched or ingested, so research carefully prior to buying any new shrubs, plants or flowers.

Gates, fences and walls

Are your children safely contained within the garden? There’s absolutely no point filling in a pond when you moved into your house only to neglect to secure the property leaving your child free to escape into next door’s garden, where there is a deep water feature. Not to mention the dangers of busy roads and strangers.

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