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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Top Tips for Renting the Right Motorhome for Your Scotland Vacation

Right Motorhome for Your Scotland Vacation

If it is your dream to discover Scotland for your next vacation, you do not have to settle in one area.

You can go anywhere you want if you are mobile and not saddled with finding hotels that are close to where you want to explore. There is a better alternative for touring Scotland, and the tips below will show you how.

Do not be surprised if you discover that the alternative is to hire a motorhome or wheeled accommodation. The one thing you have to keep in mind is finding a reliable company offering motorhomes for hire.

Here are the ideas to make sure you get the right one.

  1. Check the age of the motorhome

It’s not always possible to check the condition of the motorhome online. You have to find out the truth. See to it that the motorhome is relatively new. If the unit is from the 1980s, be wary. They have been used and driven for many years, so they are prone to wear and tear, and damage. Many companies today offer brand-new models, so they are equipped with modern facilities and fixtures.

  1. Check the motorhome’s condition Β 

It is critical to inspect the motorhome before you leave the rental office. The rental company will charge you for any damage you cause to the motorhome while you are using it. Thus, it is vital to see if there are dents, scratches and any form of damage before you sign the rental contract. A reliable motorhome rental company will allow you to inspect the vehicle inside and out. Make sure that it is thoroughly clean as well. Check that the roof will not leak, and the fixtures work perfectly.

  1. Find out the number of seats

You want to travel in comfort together with your family. So, it is vital to check how many people can be seated inside the motorhome. All seats should have seatbelts for safety.

  1. Check the sizes of the beds

You should check the number of beds in the motorhome. It is more important to see the beds to determine the sizes. Some motorhomes only have beds that are suitable for children. Look for a model with quality beds for children and adults.

  1. Check all the facilities

When touring Scotland, you’ll be driving a lot, so you want to be comfortable. Find out if a larger campervan will satisfy you more, as new models may have a wastewater tank, bike rack, cassette toilet, canvas shade, microwave and TV. You can find an excellent company with which you can arrange campervan hire in Scotland. Check if the vehicle has power steering, and entertainment facilities for games, reading and listening to music. There should be ample storage space, as well.Β 

Check if the rental company provides extras like airport transfers, outdoor lighting and seating, picnic table, kitchenware, and bedding and towels to ensure that your trip around Scotland is comfortable.


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