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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Fast and Easy: How to Take Advantage of the Eurostar Travel Network

How to Take Advantage of the Eurostar Travel Network

In the market for a weekend getaway? Can’t stand the hour-long airport shuffle? Just want to get to Disneyland Paris and ride Space Mountain ASAP – please, it’s been your lifelong dream for as long as you can remember and you’ve finally saved up enough cash? No problem.

The Eurostar train network is on hand to make things as quick, easy and simple for you as possible. This technological gem crisscrosses Western Europe like a spider’s web, from London through to Amsterdam, from Lille to Marseilles.

Here’s how to make the most of it.


The most basic Eurostar route takes you through the channel tunnel, diving deep in a direct shot from London to Paris, as explained at Eurostar. This trip takes anywhere between 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 37 minutes (depending on whether the train is making intermediate stops). While it’s very famous and very useful, you may be pleased to know that this connection is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Eurostar travel. These days, there are half a dozen other cities hooked up to the network across France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Lyon, Aime la Plagne, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are all on the list, among others, with trains rocketing back and forth across the continent between each every day. So take your pick of the bunch! Whether you’re travelling for business, for pleasure or simply to dip your toes into European culture, you can’t go wrong with a visit to any or all of these cities.

Onboard Entertainment

How to Take Advantage of the Eurostar Travel Network


What kind of modern travel network would the Eurostar service be without complimentary Wi-Fi? Passengers on board can expect internet access throughout the duration of their journeys, starting off at station A and connecting right all the way through to station B. If you’re booked in Standard Premier or Business Premier, a complimentary meal will be served with drinks to your seat to boot (all customers, including regular Standard, also have access to the onboard dining car and paid buffet).

You can almost picture it now: fresh croissant ready to go, headphones in, your favourite apps and games hooked up to the world wide web without even breaking a sweat. Chew through the latest Netflix craze one episode at a time. The Eurostar is all about the continental experience, so get your phone out and make the most of it. You could delve into a language-learning up to brush up on your basic German. Alternatively, you could decide to play online bingo from your phone, exploring a range of rooms, potentially landing some jackpots and discovering whether you’re a 75-, 80- or 90-ball player. Whatever you opt for, you can rest assured that the experience will as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Check your emails, enter conference calls, browse tourist locals around your upcoming destinations all without ever losing internet connection on any of your devices.     

Breaks, Deals and Hotels

Now then, if you fancy being a really savvy traveller, there are endless deals and promotions available to sweeten the purchase of any Eurostar ticket. How about saving 25% on all Disney Hotel and Park tickets? How about tacking on a Paris culture pass, or a ski resort ticket, or… Whatever your jam, whatever level of luxury you desire, the Eurostar can deliver. The Eurostar website even has a system for booking both your train and your hotel at once, with prime access to city centre locals and handpicked quality hotel rooms. Valentine’s day romantic getaways have been so easy.

Travel is always stressful. There’s the packing, the queueing, the waiting, the sitting, the language barrier – a trip on the Eurostar makes things as easy as possible. No airport fuss. Plenty of legroom. Plenty of fun.


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