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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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Five Great Tips for Budget Business Travel

Five Great Tips for Budget Business Travel

Challenges come from all over businesses, whether it be where to get the next client from, how to negotiate a fair deal on that many units, how to drive back a hard pushing sales pitch when you know the product doesn’t live up to the promise, they creep out of the walls all those challenges.

Some are fun and some are simply hard work with no way around that but here’s a little way around the hardest of them all, budgeting then the second, budgeting for business travel.

  1. Do you though, is it absolutely necessary for you to travel to meet the client or the troublesome team member or even the star member as well, is there a way around travelling at all, setting up more consistent Skype calls or better illustrated presentations to ensure that when you do have to travel it is definitely necessary.
  2. Track it, all of your corporate movements should be noted but also have a review each month as to where the travel budget is becoming too much and where the spending can be reduced, it doesn’t have to be drastic but say a coffee at the airport is costing you 10p more than having one near home add that up over time and you might see other expenses that are thieving your earning cash.
  3. Make plans and stick to them, if you find your international meetings are winding up in the same place then make plans to stay in the same place, drink and eat at the same places, get to know the locals there and discounts will come your way, share the best ones with your network for an added bonus as well.
  4. Stay away from impulse, there are many mistakes that people can make when heading overseas and one of them is to make last minute decisions about large items such as hiring a car, seems ridiculous but wait till it happens to you, Enjoy Car Hire will show you the best deal for your chosen destination.
  5. No additives, don’t waste your time with extra leg room for a short flight or with being in the priority queue to make you seem more important, it will waste money and all good businesses know when to and when not to waste. Pack light with one uniform for each occasion, if you take a second bag with you ask yourself the question ‘Will I actually be wearing that second pair of formal shoes? I don’t even need the first’ get it out and get in the normal line. Suckers get priority, rich successful people get their own jet after they saved on no priority.

Make the decision that is best for your company image not for your personal need.

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