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Iceni Magazine | June 14, 2021

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Having a Grand Wedding: When is it a Good Idea?

Having a Grand Wedding: When is it a Good Idea?

If a couple wants to have a quiet wedding, with only the closest of friends and family present, that might be a better idea for a lot of people.

Some couples may even decide to go for a destination wedding all by themselves, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either.

Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with having a grand wedding with plenty of guests, an awesome show band and a big party, because if anything, that’s how it is supposed to be traditionally anyway.

The Expensive Wedding Party: A Bad Idea?

There are certainly a few scenarios where having a grand party may not be the best idea for the wedding, and we will discuss them first, before moving onto the main reason why the cost of an amazing wedding could be more than worth it. If any of the following does apply to your situation though, it might be better to put the grand wedding plans off for a while:

  • Either the bride or the groom is particularly opposed to a big wedding party
  • There has been a death or a tragedy in either of the two families recently
  • The budget doesn’t allow it, but the couple are putting everything they have into their wedding celebrations
  • The expenses are becoming high enough to affect their long-term future plans as a married couple

Keep in mind that there is no wrong way to celebrate a wedding because in any possible scenario, the two main people involved in the ceremony will always be there to make it beautiful.

The Grand Wedding Party: An Awesome Idea?

If none of what was mentioned above applies to a couple’s situation, and they can have the wedding they want without having to worry about finances too much, a huge wedding party can be awesome in every sense of the word!

There are multiple reasons why we have traditionally celebrated weddings with friends, family members, and relatives, but the most important of those reasons is remembrance. Memories are created forever in our minds and they stay beautifully preserved in the photos and videos taken on that day. Celebrations are by definition, supposed to mark a date as special. Since weddings are supposed to be one of the most special days in a couple’s life, it just makes sense for them to celebrate it in the best possible way that they can.

What Makes a Wedding Party Truly Grand?

There are so many preparations that go behind wedding planning that it’s practically a profession! However, there are four prime factors that decide how grand the wedding really turns out to be.

Location – The place has to be both beautiful and large enough to accommodate your entire guest list comfortably, with room to spare. Depending on the season, one should even consider having the party in an indoor location with the proper arrangements in place for the afterparty.

Guest List – If you hire a show band and they don’t have at least a decent number of people to entertain, the party might begin to go a little dull soon. It doesn’t have to be a huge guest list in order to be good, but the guest attendance percentage should be high and full of lively people.

Show Band – From playing the music during your wedding ceremony to rocking the afterparty, hire a show band and they will take care of the entertainment all on their own. For example, Jam Hot is 5-Star international show band for hire, and there is no better way to set your grand party on fire than to let them perform their magic at your wedding. Visit the official website and look at a few of their past wedding performances to know more about the quality of entertainment we are talking discussing here.

Great food – Finally, top the day off with great food and liquor, because nobody should leave a wedding on an empty stomach! Keep the menu simple, short, but delicious and sufficient.

The point of it all is the fact that it’s your wedding, and there’s no wrong way to go about it, irrespective of what other people may think. Whichever approach you take, it will be scrutinised by others, so the best wedding plans are the ones that couples want for themselves.

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