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Iceni Magazine | April 22, 2021

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Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Rings in History

Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Rings in History

​A wedding ring is not an ordinary accessory. This thing has been a symbol of the love and loyalty of a married couple for centuries.

Of course, for family well-being, it does not matter how expensive the wedding ring will be, and whether it will be an ordinary golden ring or a one, strewn with a scattering of gemstones if people love each other. Below you will find 5 the most expensive wedding rings in the history that have won hearts not only of their owners but also people around the world. And if you haven’t met anyone whom you want to make a proposal and present a wedding ring, then you should definitely visit European dating sites.

Jennifer Lopez, $ 4 million

It is no secret that posh singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was married several times and was engaged four times in addition to that. She is used to getting very expensive presents, especially in the form of exclusive jewelry and diamond rings. When she got engaged to Mark Anthony, he decided to confirm his serious intentions and present her a beautiful Neil Lane ring encrusted with 8.5-carat blue diamonds, which the singer decided to get rid of after a 7-year marriage and subsequent divorce. She sold this jewelry at auction and donated the proceeds to charity.

Kim Kardashian, $ 4.5 million

An ugly story happened with an engagement ring of Kim Kardashian. The rapper bought a 20-carat diamond ring and presented it to his beloved woman. However, in a couple of months, it was stolen from the hotel together with all other jewelry of the star. The insurance agents and jewelry appraisers did a tremendous work and checked everything very carefully since its declared value was $ 8 million, but in the process, it was reduced to $ 4.5 million. Nonetheless, the unpleasant situation was soon forgotten since Kanye West did not spare the money and bought a second ring, no worse than the first. Yes, the new ring is also adorned with a huge diamond of incredible size.

Beyoncé, $ 5 million 

Rapper Jay-Z was courting Beyoncé for so long that their admirers started doubting whether they were actually dating. Before the couple got married in New York in Jay-Z’s apartment in 2008, the rapper presented the singer an amazing and very expensive platinum ring, and he also took care of an absolute copy of it, which could be worn daily without fear of being stolen or lost. The engagement ring is decorated with an 18-octagon diamond.

Mariah Carey, $ 7.5 million

The singer Mariah Carey’s romance with Australian billionaire James Packer was lasting for one and a half years, and he presented her a wedding ring in January 2016. The jewelry made by designer Wilfredo Rosado was so massive that Carey joked, telling people around how hard it was to raise her hand. Unfortunately, they didn’t get married, and she decided to sell the ring and get rid of the negative past in such a way.

Elizabeth Taylor, $ 8.8 million

Elizabeth Taylor was the owner of one of the most expensive and gorgeous wedding rings in the whole history. The actress, who became well known both for her beauty and successful acting career, was married several times. In 1963, a Hollywood actress, starring in Cleopatra, met her future husband, Richard Burton. Soon, he presented her a famous 33.19-carat diamond ring of exceptional quality and transparency, which he bought at an auction for 300 thousand dollars. The Hollywood star wore it constantly, almost without taking it off, because it, according to the actress, gave her a sense of beauty. After the death of Elizabeth Taylor, the jewelry was officially renamed the Taylor-Barton diamond, which auctioned for $ 8.8 million.

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