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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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4 Reasons to Choose Funfair Hire for Your Next Big Event

4 Reasons to Choose Funfair Hire for Your Next Big Event

Big events like corporate fun days and school fairs require ample planning.

There is much to consider, especially when choosing entertainment and attractions. But there is a perfect solution, and that is hiring fairground stalls and rides. Imagine not having to worry about keeping your guests entertained throughout the event. But that is not the only advantage of choosing funfair hire attractions.

Variety of options to suit every theme and budget 

Before choosing entertainment and attractions for an event, the first thing you need to consider is the venue and theme. Is the event going to be held outdoors or indoors? How many guests are expected? With funfair hire, you have countless options. Even if you have a theme for your party, you can find specific stalls and rides that will match the theme perfectly. Some fairground hire companies also accommodate requests such as preparing costumes for staff and operators to match the style of the party.

If your budget is a constraint, you can select a few attractions and get multiple quotes from several companies. There are also packages for parties if you want to minimize the cost of attractions.

Great for large crowds

One of the many concerns in planning a big party is how to keep every guest entertained. Fairground rides and attractions can ensure that every person in the party has something fun to do. You can pick and choose attractions that appeal to both children and adults. If the event is primarily for adults, you can add high-adrenaline rides and extreme activities such as a wall-climbing setup.

For school fairs, it is best to stick with classic rides like carousels, dodgems, and Ferris wheels. For younger kids, a couple of inflatable castles will do the trick. All of these are available if you look for a reputable fairground hire company.

Guaranteed safety 

Safety is always a concern when hiring funfair rides and attractions. Before you choose a company, check if they comply with industry standards and regulations. Each attraction has to be inspected regularly by ADiPs or PIPA. The company also provides trained technicians, operators, and staff. If possible, personally check each ride to make sure that you are satisfied with the condition and quality.

An excellent way to find the best fairground hire company is by reading reviews and feedback from clients. Check the company’s website or look for blogs and testimonials from customers.

Hassle-free event planning

Most funfair hire companies offer a variety of services. Apart from regular rides and attractions, they can also provide food carts and stalls for every occasion. If you do not want to hire a separate caterer for the event, you can add food stalls serving food and drinks. There are burger stands, popcorn machines, lemonade stands, and just about everything else to keep your guests full throughout the event.

Funfair hire for events is not only meant for entertainment. You can get a complete party package from a single supplier, which will significantly reduce your effort and time spent on planning for the event.

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