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Iceni Magazine | August 10, 2020

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Family photoshoots: four key things to consider

Family photoshoots: four key things to consider

Family photoshoots have been popular for a long time and show no sign of slowing down.

If you live far away from friends and family, being able to send over images of you all together is a great thing. What’s more, they make super birthday and Christmas presents at a relatively low cost. In a few years’ or even decades’ time, looking back through photographs will bring back memories for all of you. Make sure the professional ones are what you’re hoping for, so that you can remember happy and fun times.

  1. Photographer

Take your time to assess the work of potential photographers against the style of photoshoot you are hoping to have. Ask friends for recommendations and do your research carefully. It is unlikely that you will be paying out a paltry amount, so important to choose wisely. No one would spend hundreds on a new appliance without first checking online reviews, so don’t do that for a photographer. If you have young children, choose someone who has similar photos in their portfolio. If they youngsters don’t warm to the photographer, the chances are the final results will reflect this.

  1. Location and time

Think carefully about where you want your photoshoot to take place. Have a chat to your chosen photographer as suggestions could be made. Alternatively, consider where you feel most at home. It could be the local park, woods or by a river or lake. Outdoor shoots can yield amazing results if the weather is on your side. They can also appear a little more natural than studio shoots, but it all depends on the end result you are hoping for. Take the time your photographer is booked for into account as well. Not only will this impact on where the sun is for the right shots, but also on your children, especially if they still fall asleep at certain times of the day. If you are keen to have your photoshoot in a studio, consider the backdrops available and ensure you chat to your photographer in advance about the number of family members to ensure they are able to accommodate that number.

  1. Clothing

Consider how formal you want the photos to look and choose clothing accordingly. Make sure that the colours work together too. If you have three people wearing pink and two wearing red, this probably would look garish in the images. If you’re stuck for outfits for the children to wear, Strawberry Children have a great range of girls designer clothing. Find something you love and coordinate the rest of the family around the one person.

  1. Hair and make-up

Don’t go over the top. Looking different to how you usually do will make people question the authenticity of the images. Surely, memories should be made of people looking as they actually do, not of some over-the-top, made up mannequin. If you have chosen to have an outdoor shoot, make sure you set your hair with hairspray or gel (don’t go overboard) to prevent the windswept look becoming a hurricane hairdo. As for make-up, your usual routine should suffice, but do take your lipstick along with you just in case!

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