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Iceni Magazine | January 24, 2021

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Top 5 reasons to host an offbeat wedding in Bangalore

offbeat wedding in Bangalore

Are you planning to host your destination wedding in Bangalore?

If not, you should definitely give it a serious thought. Plush lawns, designer gardens, curated lakes, luxurious resorts, and royal palaces are what categorize the city of Bengaluru. All these not only form great options for wedding banquet halls in Bangalore but are also a great tourist attraction as well. Here are some more reasons why Bangalore is the perfect destination for your wedding:

Connectivity: Bangalore is one of those lucky metropolitan cities to have great connectivity via air, rail, and road as well. Your guests can board direct flights without facing the hassles of layovers from almost anywhere in India and many places abroad. After all, you wouldn’t want your guests to go through any discomfort, right? Thanks to one of the best international airports and railway stations, the city is well-connected with the rest of the world. Many people from nearby places like Pune or Mumbai can even travel overnight and reach Bangalore through road journeys.

Weather and amenities: One of the highlights of Bangalore is that not only is it a clean city, it is also a unique city where the weather is moderate and suitable for outdoor events almost throughout the year. While you may want to avoid the 1-2 months of extreme summers, this place is perfect for the rest of the year as the temperature is either moderate or a little cooler and comfortable.

Reflection of South India: If you plan your destination wedding in Bangalore, you get to experience the cultures, traditions and cuisines of the best of South India without giving up on the comforts of a metropolitan city. For instance, you can taste the best of Hyderabad biryani and also try a hint of the authentic South Indian cuisine that you would generally find further deep towards the southern end of our country. It is because of the geographical proximity of the city to all these places that a part of their culture is always reflected within the city as well.

Tourist attractions: There are many tourist attractions in the city which means that your guests would also get a chance to explore the city in their free time. And trust us, they would thank you for bringing them to this beautiful city. Not just Bangalore, but you and your guests could also visit the various hill stations or beaches that are only an overnight journey away from the city. You could also experience the various dining experiences that the city has to offer. Being a metropolitan city with tourism season all throughout the year, you can also get a variety of accommodation options for your guests as well.

Best of both worlds: Last but not the least, Bangalore gives you the opportunity to experience the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure of a city and also allows you to experience the grandeur of destination weddings all at once. It is a rare combination to find peace, quiet, royalty, and luxury right in the middle of a city while simultaneously having access to all the pleasures of the city within easy accessibility.


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