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Iceni Magazine | July 14, 2020

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Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Learn Mandarin

Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Learn Mandarin

Today, it appears that Mandarin is very much the go-to second-language for people in the Western world.

Despite it not being spoken as an official mother tongue outside of Asia, there are still vast amounts of people speaking this language in the U.S. and in Europe – 30 million people, to be precise.

If Mandarin is so popular now, how popular will it be, say, in twenty years’ time when modern technology has brought the Western and Eastern worlds even closer together? If you want your child to have a head start on this new world, then you should encourage them to learn Mandarin as early on in their life as possible.

Not convinced that this is the best or most appropriate language for your child to be learning? The information laid out below will be sure to change your mind.

China is fast becoming a leading economic power

In truth, China has been an economic powerhouse in its own right for decades, especially on the continent of Asia. It is, however, speculated that this country is set to spread its reach in the not-so-distant future. To the point, it is forecasted that China is fast becoming one of the world’s leading economic powers – some even predict that it will overtake the U.S. in that respect sooner rather than later. If this prediction were to, in fact, come into fruition, then Mandarin would well and truly put itself at the pinnacle of spoken languages.

If China were to become the world’s largest economic power, Mandarin would be sure to topple English as the language that is spoken most around the globe. For this reason, it would be wise for you to prepare your child for this demand now by enrolling them in Mandarin classes. By doing so, your child could very well find his or herself at the forefront in the race for employment when he or she embarks on a career in the future.

When it comes to finding a suitable Mandarin course for your child, look no further than CSL. As detailed on their website, this school offers General Mandarin lessons that are structured specifically to provide students with authentic scenarios. As a result, your child would not only learn Mandarin words and phrases, but they would also garner a better understanding of the Chinese context in which they are used.

It will improve your child’s motor skills

Because Mandarin is written in a completely different style to Western languages, by learning it (or, more specifically, learning how to write it), your child’s motor skills will be sure to improve. This is because your little one will have to push his or herself more to get their writing tasks done, meaning they will be forced to stretch their mind. As a result, they will also enhance their cognitive development.

A second language offers more opportunity  

Alongside the fact that China is fast becoming a leader in the modern world, learning a second language can be incredibly beneficial for a child in terms of the opportunity it can bring and the cultural doors it will open. By being able to speak Mandarin, your child will have more experiences available to them regarding their employment options and further education, as well as confidence in their abilities when traveling. The world is out there to discover, and through giving your child the opportunity to master this language at a young age, you will be broadening their horizons and giving them the best possible chance for success and scope in later life.


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