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Iceni Magazine | April 23, 2024

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How to Better Understand Your Teen as They Gain More Independence

How to Better Understand Your Teen as They Gain More Independence

At some point in life, parents will feel like they don’t really have a good understanding of their children.

They might believe that they know how their children think, but there will always be situations where you’re completely at a loss of what to say and what to do. Thankfully, there are ways to learn more about how your children actually think.

Whether it’s using the internet or using therapy sessions, there are a handful of great options that you have if you want to better understand your kids.

Talk to them

Have a question to ask? Not sure what your child is thinking? Don’t be afraid to ask blunt and simple questions in these kinds of situations .We all want to be sensitive about approaching our children, but the reality is that asking questions can be the best way to get answers. Just remember that if you do ask a question, put some thought into it. Stay away from yes or no answers and try to encourage them to open up and talk about things.

When they answer, make sure to listen to them instead of just trying to give advice. Remember that there should be open communication between you and your child. Your goal is to try and understand them, not to immediately give them advice on something.

Look on the internet

Sometimes, your children will be influenced by things that you have no idea about. If they’re feeling upset, stressed, or confused about a topic that you know nothing about, it’s never a bad idea to just Google it and learn more. Google the words they use, the topics they like, and also the problems they’re having. Chances are there’s a parent out there that has experienced something similar and has already shared their knowledge. This can be a great way to get a better insight into what your child is struggling with.

Consider counseling

Sometimes, your teen might not exactly act rebellious but they might constantly reject your attempts to try and listen. They might tell you that you don’t understand or that your advice isn’t really getting through to them. In cases like this, it may help to seek adolescent counseling. This is a great option if you’re running out of ideas and don’t really have much else to work with. It can be daunting to attend therapy sessions and you might have a hard time convincing your child to go, but it’s an effective option nonetheless.

While counseling can be a little scary for some children, it’s one of the best ways of teaching teens that it’s alright to open up now and then. Sharing your emotions and feelings with others can be beneficial if you take the right approach.

Understanding teens can be difficult, especially if they’re influenced by a lot of different things in life. The golden rule here is to always listen to your children and attempt to put yourself in their shoes and how you thought when you were a teenager.

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