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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2020

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How to train your dog to stop barking all the time?

How to train your dog to stop barking all the time?

Just like children babble, crows caw and birds twitter, dogs bark.

It is a communication signal for them. The bark can be useful for humans as well. Household dogs can sense an intruder from a distance, and their bark can alert the owners. However, dogs who bark excessively can be a nuisance. They may get you in trouble with your neighbours and with the police in some countries. If you have similar issues with a beloved pet, here are some tips.

Take to the vet

The first step is to diagnose the problem. A dog’s excessive barking can be an indicator of an underlying medical or psychological ailment. Dogs with tender spots often bark due to the pain. As a dog’s age, they may have difficulty seeing or hearing which may cause them to bark excessively. Often dogs bark when they are scared. They may have separation anxiety which disrupts their mood and causes them to act aggressively when left alone. A visit to the veterinarian may help rule out any medical problems.

Don’t react positively

Excessive barking is clearly not acceptable behaviour. You should make it very clear to your dog. Don’t pet him or offer him any treats when he does that. Ignoring the dog and not paying him any attention will indicate that you are not pleased. Dog training collars can also train them not to bark all the time. However, yelling at a dog is never the right answer. Dogs mirror your behaviour. If you are excited, they may behave more aggressively. Instead, it is better to be still and quiet until the dog gets the signal.

Offer comfort

If your dog is lonely or has separation anxiety, he may bark a lot. He may also behave aggressively when you come home and won’t let you rest. Avoid leaving a dog alone for long periods. Lonely dogs can be unhappy. Have someone from your family stay at home to be with the dog. You can also pay local children to be dog sitters and walk him, so the dog remains busy while you are gone.

Keep the dog busy

Dogs have a lot of energy. They play with toys, bounce around the house and love attention. If that energy is not appropriately dispensed, the dog will have behavioural problems like excessive barking. Try to play with the dog to tire him out. Take him on long walks with a leash so he can run around without getting lost. Walks are also suitable for dogs’ health as they keep them active and fit. Once you are done, the dog will be too tired to bark at everyone.


If there’s no medical explanation, then your dog probably just barks because he wants attention. However, it may not be convenient for you to stop all work and play with him every time. This is where dog toys come in. Chew bones and fluffy balls are great for dogs because they keep them occupied. Whenever it seems like your dog is giving you trouble, distract him with a toy.

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