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Iceni Magazine | April 3, 2020

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2019 Tory Voters Hate Meghan the Most

2019 Tory Voters Hate Meghan the Most

A January 2020 YouGov poll has revealed that people who voted for the Conservative Party in the 2019 General Election are more likely to think negatively about the Duchess of Sussex than those who put their faith in Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

Overall, her popularity, along with Harry’s, has dropped considerably since news surfaced of Harry and Meghan stepping back from the Royal Family. A whopping 70% of 2019 Conservative voters felt negatively about Meghan compared with 32% Labour and 55% LibDem. Prince Harry’s popularity was also vastly different depending on political views with 52% of Tory voters feeling negatively about him in comparison to 23% Labour and 29% Liberal Democrat.

Recent events appear to have worked in favour or both Camilla and Princess Anne, both of whom have increased in popularity. Camilla, once viewed as a villainous character by many, is now more liked than Meghan. Princess Anne has knocked her nephew from the top 4 Royals into fifth place owing to her increase of 1% in positive views, but also his huge drop of 12%.

Labour voter, Linzi, expressed a lack of surprise at the results of this survey, stating: “It’s just another example of Tory bigotry. Whether it’s racist or misogynist is unclear, but it is unfair and unjust. Although I’m not a fan of the Royal family in the slightest, I do feel the hate directed at her and Harry is unnecessary.”

Derek, lifelong Conservative Party voter, disclosed that he has never been a fan of Meghan, feeling that she never really ever fit into the Royal family. He added: “Meghan seems to have a hold over Harry. He is quite clearly under the thumb and hasn’t done himself any favours with this latest stunt. It won’t be long before he returns, tail between his legs begging the UK for forgiveness.”

Members of the Royal Family in Order of Popularity

Members of the Royal Family in Order of Popularity



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