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Iceni Magazine | December 3, 2020

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Mammoth Ambitions

Mammoth Ambitions

As we settle into the new year and indeed the new decade, you may be dreaming about things you’d like to achieve.

Has the idea of running a marathon or half marathon ever crossed your mind?

A recent YouGov poll surveyed over 1.6 thousand adults in the UK about whether they saw themselves running a half or full marathon in the future, whether again or for the first time. An enormous 60% ruled themselves out stating they ‘definitely won’t’ and a further 23% stating that the ‘probably won’t’. The remaining 17% comprised 5% who ‘don’t know’, 9% who ‘probably will’ and 3% who ‘definitely will’.

Colin, director of Iceni Magazine, ran his first race last October in the form of the Yorkshire Marathon on behalf of the Benjamin Foundation. He is now in training for the London Landmarks Half Marathon in March and is taking part in the Mammoth Marathon this May in support of the Big C charity. He said: “If you’d told me two years ago that I’d have a marathon under my belt, I’d have laughed and told you not to be so stupid as I hadn’t run anywhere since growing up in Hackney! Those people polled might surprise themselves just like I did!”

There is no denying that 13.1 miles (half marathon) and 26.2 miles can be challenging and testing for both body and mind. In fact, the months of training that are necessary can mean several pairs of shoes, a wardrobe full of fitness gear, countless energy gels or sweets to ensure your body is sufficiently replenished.

Other people may wish to run shorter distances. Some resolutions are made to increase fitness, others to raise money and awareness for charity. Whatever reason you choose, make sure you warm up, cool down and enjoy the challenge!


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